Friday, 14 June 2013

What I Bought This Week #5

Hey!  I am back after having a bit of a break from blogging, I suddenly got really busy at work and out of work too so my little spare time was spent on The Sims, with my boyfriend and even a cheeky little trip to London.  However in my time away from the blogging world I bought another notepad (I collect them.  Don’t ask) and used it to write down some ideas for new posts etc, so I’m really excited to start writing them all up! 
Anyway, these are not strictly my latest purchases since the post has now been sitting in my ‘drafts’ folder for a little while because I forgot about it, but it is only a week old so it won’t take too long for me to catch up with.  I have been really uninspired clothes wise lately, spring/summer collections just don’t seem to be anything special or different to previous years – there’s the floral trend of course which is a fail safe one for pretty much every shop, there’s a few various other prints doing the rounds again like paisley and geometric, and of course there is my personal most hated:  sports luxe.  That has been a ‘trend’ for a fair few spring/summers now, and I really really cannot stand it.  What is it all about?!?!  The clothes that fall under this description don’t seem to me to be anything special at all and always make me think that it’s just putting a name to simple things that most of us will want to pick up at some point, like crop tops and shorts.  If I see a high street store with a look book with this name it immediately puts me off and I go look elsewhere! 
Rant over, sorry about that (: now back to my purchases:
River Island Pinafore Dress: £22
This is one of the only things in River Island that caught my eye.  I am loving orange at the moment so I picked this up and plan to wear it with a white crop top or something similar.  It’s a little different to a regular summer dress so it will be a welcome change for my summer wardrobe, I just hope the weather is nice enough to wear it..!
H&M Skull Crop Top: £5
This was a bargain!  I always find something nice in H&M that is surprisingly cheap, and this is already becoming a firm favourite of mine!  It is quite sheer and light but it seems to be of good quality so I’m sure it will remain in my wardrobe for a long time.
Various Make Up:
I picked up a few cheap bits of make up that I had run out of, but I bought budget versions because well, I haven’t been paid yet!  I needed something for my eyebrows so I picked up a brow pencil and also a pen, both from MUA.  Since I have already been using them for a week I will be posting reviews on them pretty soon.  I also bought a new mascara to keep me going, which was Lash millionaire by Miss Sporty. Again, I have been using this for a little while aready so review to come!  
New Look Hair Clip: £2.99
I haven’t owned one of these hair grip things in ages!  I saw some really pretty ones in New Look so I picked this one and have been wearing it at work as a change from my standared high ponytail. 
What have you been buying recently?  Link me up to any haul type posts I love reading them!  xx


  1. I have been buying TOO much recently :( I really like the skirt you picked up it's a lovely colour! xxx

    1. I still haven't worn it yet I keep forgetting about it, oops! xx

  2. The pinafore is super cute! xx

    1. yeah I just thought it looked a bit different to everything else on offer right now! xx

  3. Great finds! Love both the pinafore print and the vest, definitely a steal! X

    1. the vest was definitely a bargain! xx

  4. Oh my I love the skull top and £5 is such a bargain! I also love the pinafore - I've had my eye on the dress in that print too! Lovely little haul! Xx

  5. Loving the look of that pinafore skirt! x


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