Friday, 12 April 2013

What I Bought This Week #1

What I Bought this week #1
Heyyy!  This is my first post of this kind I believe, I love looking at bloggers’ ‘haul’ posts and videos so I thought that I would try something similar myself.   This first post is pretty much all about clothes, but I don’t buy clothes every week (sadly) so future posts will no doubt contain beauty products and maybe even food and other miscellaneous items.  Let me know what you think of this post :) so here goes..
Topshop Neon Jumper, £30:
I have had my eye on this jumper for a while now, I don’t normally do bright colours like this but for orange or coral I make an exception.  I thought that this might go nicely with my monochrome trousers, and the colour is bold and summery so will be great for those spring/summer days that aren’t always as warm as they should be!
Primark Stacking Rings, £2:
Stacking rings?  £2?  Speaks for itself really doesn’t it, how could I turn these down at such a good old Primark price?  They’re a lovely celtic silvery style, there’s a cute little skull and some cute little dangly things that I can’t quite remember in detail right now.  Also apologies for the appalling photo, I snapped them quickly before moving on to the next thing and didn’t notice that they weren’t even in focus :|
Primark Cross Earrings, £1:
These were a mere £1 and it was another case of ‘I don’t care what they look like when they only cost £1’, but they are actually quite nice and the sort of thing that I would pick up elsewhere like Topshop.  I often forget to wear bigger earrings because we’re only allowed small studs at work so I’m going to make sure I keep these in a prominent place where I can’t fail to see them and remember to wear them.
Guns n Roses & The Beatles t shirts, both £8:
Band t shirts in Primark, whatever next?!  I’m afraid that I am of the opinion that band tees should only be worn if you like the band.  The main culprit that seems to pop up time and time again is the iconic Rolling Stones logo, pretty much every high street shop has stocked that at one time or another!  Obviously everyone should wear whatever they want, that is just my opinion!  I love both of these bands (who doesn’t), and no they may not be of some really obscure alternative band that only a handful of people know about, but they’re fab and they’re going to look bloody good tucked into my shorts  :) Primark also have shirts with Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and Kiss so get yourself down there if you fancy any of those at £8 each!
Skull Print Scarf, £4:
Everyone seems to have a skull print scarf and I was quite happy to jump on that bandwagon when I bought this.  I just thought it was quite colourful and will go with quite a few different tops and jackets that I own. 
Exfoliating Gloves, £1:
These gloves are hands down (get it?……sorry) the best exfoliator you will use, including all of the creams and scrubs, and they also happen to be the cheapest!  I always use exfoliator gloves, they can be bought in Superdrug etc. for the same amount too and you just put them on when you’re in the shower or bath and use them on your legs.  They are quite rough in texture so I tend not to use them on my arms or body, but they are an absolute miracle for my legs!  I use these and then a good moisturiser or body butter and my legs are left so so so so smooth.  I really cannot recommend these enough, and for only £1 it’s win win!
Mark Hill Extreme Heat Protection Spray,  Boots £5.49:
I have run out of heat protection spray, my previous one was by John Freida and I liked it quite a lot, but I wasn’t totally convinced it provided that much protection from the straighteners or hairdryer so I went for something different this time.  I have liked Mark Hill products in the past, so I will give this a go and you will most likely see a review of it pop up sometime soon!
So that concludes my first ‘haul’ type post!  I hope you enjoyed it, and feedback would be great and let me know if you have any similar posts to this that I can check out :) xx



  1. I love the neon jumper, not sure if I'd have the balls to wear it though x

  2. I love posts like these! Your jumper is especially cute, bet it'd look so nice with coral lippy xxx

  3. Great post! Love the rolling stones t-shirt, you can never beat a good band t-shirt!! xx

  4. Love this post. I too am a believer that people should only wear band tees if they like the bands themselves!

    Must get some exfoliating gloves now.....



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