Tuesday, 28 October 2014


We all know the basics of skin care, whatever the weather: cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate etc etc but come winter there are always those extra few bits and bobs that help to save our skin.  Pun intended.  

I am no skin care expert by any means, in general cost has always come first when I have bought different products to try.  But, as I approach the grand old age of 25, I think I really need to step up and start looking after my skin better.  Today I've picked a few bits that I add to my routine to look after my lips and hands as well as my face.  

First up is Soap & Glory's Hand Food, my all time favourite hand cream.  I love that it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy like some creams do, I use a small little blob and my hands instantly feel soft and nicely moisturised.  I really like the smell too, it's the well recognisable Soap & Glory scent that is almost good enough to eat - although the dream would be a hand cream with the scent of Sugarcrush..mmmmm!

Next there is the Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream which I have been using every night after the rest of my routine is complete.  At under £5 it was a real bargain, and it is gentle enough to suit my sensitive and combination skin.  For the price the sole purpose of it is obviously just to moisturise rather than make any elaborate claims, but while I look into maybe trying something else this is perfect for what I need right now!  

My sample size of the infamous Dr Lipp Nipple Balm is still going strong, which to me is proof that just a tiny bit of this on my lips does the job of keeping them soft and preventing them from getting dry and cracked.  I tend to pop this on while I am applying the rest of my make up and then when I'm done my lips are prepped and ready to be covered in lipstick.  On the subject of lips, another saviour of mine is Lush Bubblegum lip scrub.  Apart from smelling (and tasting, oops) delicious, this sweet sugar scrub is great for exfoliating the lips and I use it before I apply the Nipple Balm; it takes away any dry skin and leaves it feeling soft and even.  

Lastly there is my old favourite, the Balance Me Facial Oil which has seen my face through some dark times I can tell you!  The magical thing about this face oil is that it makes my skin feel silky soft without breaking it out in spots or leaving it feeling greasy.  I haven't really tried any other facial oils if I'm honest, so I can't compare it to any others - but I like it enough to not feel the need to experiment with any more just yet, which is quite a big deal! 

So there are a few bits I'm relying on to get me through winter, what products do you use? xx



  1. Great post. Like the sound of all of these products. Definitely have to try some. My must have is cocoa butter. Everyone should own some!


  2. I wish I could try that night cream! I feel like here in the states we don't have any good night creams! I do love the nipple balm!

  3. I LOVE nipple balm it's always beside my bed and hand food is a classic, definitely need to repurchase that for my handbag xxx


  4. I've tried nipple balm - not this particular brand - but I loved it! It was so moisturizing and a little tingly! Haven't tried the Bubblegum but I do love Mint Julips! So good!

    Tiff | AMtoPM


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