Friday, 14 February 2014

FOTD Friday #5

Hello!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I thought I would stay clear of a slushy/gift idea themed post as there are quite a few of those floating about already, so I’m ploughing on with a standard FOTD like any other friday.  My boyfriend and I had planned to go to the zoo today, to be a little different and all that, but if you live in the UK then you only need to look out of your window to see why we never went!  When is this awful weather going to end?!  I feel lucky because I know that a lot of places around the country are suffering far more than where I live, it really needs to stop now and be sunny etc. again.  I usually would cringe at myself for discussing the weather but it’s not like I'm making awkward small talk or anything, it really is a big deal right now!
Anyway, on today’s face is nothing spectacularly different to last week in terms of make up, apart from my lipstick.  I was having a sort out of my make up this week in the midst of redecorating, and came across a MAC lipstick that I hadn’t even used before!  It is from the Marilyn Monroe collection that came out last year and it’s the shade ‘Angel’, I really love it and cannot believe that I haven’t tried it until now.  It’s a bright, vibrant pink with blue undertones and satin finish which is lovely and moisturising.  I usually stay clear of shades of red and pink with blue undertones, but for this I clearly made an exception and I am mighty glad that I did! 
I also curled my hair for a change, maybe it was all the romance of today and the cherub iconography that’s everywhere – who knows.  I used my Babyliss curling tong and created some soft curls, then put my fingers through them to get this finish.  I like the look for a change but I wouldn’t go for it every day! 
How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?  Do you have this shade by MAC? xx



  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Your hair looks especially pretty and I love that shades are my fave but I don't think they really suit me. Hopefully you can get to the zoo when/if the weather gets're right, it's just crazy! xxx

  2. This lipstick is so stunning on you! I don't suit pink shades with blue undertones but it looks so nice with your hair and skin colour.
    Thank you for leaving me a link to your blog on Twitter - I love it and will definitely subscribe!

  3. You look gorgeous, lovely lip colour xxx

  4. i am so guilty for slushy post haha!! i am a soppy little sod!

    I have never used MAC i think i really need to invest in some everybody raves about it!! and the lipstick is a beautiful colour!



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