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Well hello!  It has been ages since I've sat down and typed up a post, the evening before I went on holiday instead of packing etc I was frantically scheduling posts for the next couple of weeks and writing them up; I'm pretty proud of myself for being so organised for once as I'm usually rubbish and planning posts in advance!  

I'm always up for sharing the love for my favourite products, so today I thought I'd talk about the ones that I think are worth the huge blogger hype that they got.  

So when you hear the phrase 'hyped product/brand' then you've got to think of Charlotte Tilbury and her range of dreamy make up.  I'm slowly adding bits to my collection every now and then, and my favourite so far has to be her Matte Revolution lipsticks, the one pictured being 1975 Red.  The formula is top notch and leaves lips looking fuller with a classic matte finish.
Another lip product totally worth all the love it frequently gets is the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencil range, which I also go on about quite a lot!  The pencil style of these make it ridiculously easy to create a good and precise shape, especially around your cupid's bow, and the large choice of colours are of a quality much higher than their £4.99 price tag.  Pictured is the shade Fab Orange, but my all time favourite has to be Nude Perfection, which lives exactly up to its name.  
Brush wise, I'm a total convert to the Zoeva Rose Gold brushes.  I saw these on various bloggers' posts for a long time before I caved in and bought them myself, I tried to resist buying them because I was convinced that they were only popular because of their pretty design.  However, there is more to them than just good looks; the quality of all of them is amazing and just as good as the more expensive ones I have tried.  The variety you get in their sets are good too, the one I have has a combination of face and eye brushes and are really all that I need for every day use.  
Another product I was wary of trying was the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, because I just couldn't imagine the finish being that natural or even.  But I decided to give it a go after struggling to find a natural looking face tanner that would not make me look orange or a different colour to the rest of my body!  After a little experimenting with how many drops to put in my moisturiser, I soon realised that this was some seriously good stuff, and is the only product that gives me a good bit of healthy colour without being patchy, orange or fake-looking.  Since I only use a couple of drops each time, this bottle is lasting me ages - so it makes it well worth the £19.99 that it cost.  
Finally, I had to include my good old Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, the newer Photo Edition.  When my original Silk Creme ran out, I was sad but also keen to give other bases a go, as you do when you're a blogger with a bit of a spending problem.  When I saw that there was an updated version of the classic though, I was preeeeetty darn tempted, and it only took a couple of rave reviews from some of my favourite bloggers to cave in and give it a go.  I didn't think it was possible, but I love this one more than the original version!  This one is oil free, which means no break outs for me, and it is a dream to blend and gives a lot of coverage whilst still feeling super light.  

I may have to make this post into a series, as there are a lot more products that I think are worth the hype that they get!  Do you love any of these things?  What make up bits do you think are worth the hype? xx



  1. I'm a huge fan of CT lipsticks and love the way they make the lips so much fuller :) I really want to try this shade... I'm currently loving #bitchperfect | A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog

  2. I'm desperate to try the CT matte revolution lipsticks, they sound amazing and the colours always look beaut :)

    Just Little Things xo

  3. These all look amazing, especially CT 1975 Red, it's such a Hollywood esque colour x

  4. I just picked up the CT lipstick in Glastonberry and I am hooked, I can't wait to try out more. 1975 Red looks gorgeous, and very tempting. I think the NARS lip pencils are definitely worth the hype, there's a wide range of colors to choose from and are so long wearing on the lips!

    Cindy //

  5. I LOVE the Maybelline color drama pencils they are amazing, and also the zoeva brushes are not just pretty but work amazingly well too- win win xxx


  6. I really want to get my hands on a couple of lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury, so many gorgeous shades :-D x

    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

  7. The Zoeva brushes are some of the best money I've ever spent - so worth the hype! I love the Charlotte Tilbury Matte lipstick formula and definitely want more shades :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. I love Zoeva brushes. They truly are amazing! I'm currently lusting after the rose gold volume 2 set! It's so pretty!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour


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