Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OOTD | Statement Cross Necklace & Mustard Topshop Jumper

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 jumper:Topshop, trousers:George@Asda, Necklace:Topshop sale, lips: Revlon Lip Butter ‘Tutti Frutti’
Hey!  So this is my new favourite jumper.  Is it mustard colour?  I reckon it’s probably not to everyone else but to me that is what I keep thinking of when I look at it!  I feel that we were meant to be together, since I only came to own it as I had to return some trousers that didn’t fit (Topshop sizing clearly doesn’t account for the fact that I eat more and more as the Christmas season approaches).  I was ready to get a simple refund but then this beaut caught my eye and the rest is history.  It is actually a tad greener than the photo shows, but in general it looks pretty much as bright and loud as you can see there!  There are only certain bright colours I like, and I can’t say that they are always a certain type because sometimes I will see something different and I just have to have it.  A bright jumper like this is ideal to put on to add (a lot of) colour to a black, wintery outfit.  Along with the jumper just had to come this statement necklace, which was a bargain at £5 in the jewellery sale.  I really love big necklaces, and I think that the red on the crosses on this one clash perfectly with the jumper and overall it completes the look nicely.  The trousers are my trusty patterned ones that I found online at George@Asda of all places, I love them and still look at them thinking that they could easily have come from River Island or somewhere. 
I really really hate how my hair looks here, the frizz is unreal considering my hair isn’t even curly or anything.  Hopefully though I am on the way to sorting it out and leading it down the path to smoothness, starting with the addition of a paddle brush.  I had heard a lot of bloggers raving recently about the Michael Mercier brush, which is a rounded paddle kind, but at £12.99 I just thought of 7348932091432 other things that I would rather spend that amount of money on, so I opted for a similar kind from Tres Semme for £6.99.  I have to say that it is hands down the best thing that has happened to my hair since..ever!  I cannot believe the difference that one different kind of brush has immediately made to my hair, especially after spending far too much money lately on various ‘anti-frizz’  products that just don’t live up to their claims.  But anyway, I think that’s a post for another day..!
What do you think of my loud jumper?! Have you made any winter purchases recently? xx


  1. I love the colour of that jumper! I always think it's nice to wear bright colours in winter, everything is so dull otherwise xx

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous and that colour jumper really does suit your perfectly. Bargain buy necklace too! Xx

  3. Love the jumper too. It's definitely mustard, which i adore in autumn as well as burgundy. :) xx

  4. To me the the jumper is actually more green! I love it though.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. The jumper looks mustard to me! I love that colour so much but it just looks poop on me, you however look fab! That brush sounds amazing, I've been using the same one since I was 11 and it used to belong to my mum before me so I reckon it's definitely time I stopped being a tramp and bought a new one! xxx

  6. Love the jumper, the colour suits you so well :)

    Rhiannon xx

  7. ooh this jumper looks great with that necklace!its a nice bright colour!:)xx


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