Wednesday, 27 November 2013

FOTD | ft. Rimmel & Laura Mercier

Hey :).  So…this is my face lately..!  The general look I stick to is the same but I have (for the 358234059.0897th time) changed foundation, and am currently trying out Rimmel Match Perfection which I know has had a lot of blogger love lately.  Another most welcome addition to my routine is a splurge in the form of Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage Powder, which I will review in full very soon but I will just say now that it has been a serious game changer!  Really good stuff.  Another change is my mascara, I usually never stray from my favourite Maxfactor ones, but a hurried shop one morning led me to get this Scandaleyes one from Rimmel.  I have never had much luck with Rimmel mascaras before, but this one is pretty good so far so I have decided to carry on using it for now.
I forgot to include the lipstick in the photo, but it is a new addition again by Maybelline which again deserves its own review.  It is brighter than it looks in this photo, and I was really pleasantly surprised to find a new type of lip product that I loved as much as my Revlon Lip Butters.  But anyway, a full review will give this new little gem the attention it deserves!
This photo was taken a couple of days ago, to be precise the first day when I started to notice the onset of my annual winter girl-flu (as opposed to man flu, which is no worse yet has more of a drama made about it), so to me I look bloody awful here!  I have since come down with a cold which I could have predicted, and I never really moan about them but each time I get sick with one I can 100% guarantee that it will result in the complete loss of my voice.  This has happened for as long as I can remember really, I must just have a really weak throat…….  So anyway, I took a few days off from the whole blogging thing, but I didn’t take any time off work which in hindsight was really stupid of me as going in to work mute for three days is obviously a bit odd to say the least.  Needless to say, I have endured days of my friends and colleagues taking the piss out of my feeble little croaks of communication!  And the main reason why I endured this and took no time off?  Because I couldn’t decide how I would be able to call in sick if I had no voice…my boss would have picked up the phone and heard a few deep little grunts and most likely have passed my number on to the police.  Naturally I now realise that I was just really stupid for not even considering getting someone else to call in for me!  Obviously I know that a cold is nothing in comparison to loads of other things, but I guess that at the time it seemed like the most annoying thing in the world! 
So now I’m sat at home slightly less hoarse but much redder in the face, writing up this post that on reflection is actually more about me moaning than anything else!  xx
Sarah x



  1. Hahah hey we all need a moan now and again! You look stunning and glad you're feeling better xx

  2. Oh very cute makeup dear, I love it the color of your lipstick!
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    I hope your follow me back in both!

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  3. Look forward to that lippy review, the colour looks so pretty! You're so lucky, I think you pull off any shade of lipstick. You look gorge here, especially for someone who was ill! Hope you feel loads better now, colds are annoying enough without losing your voice too! And we're all entitled to have a little moan about colds, they're no fun at all especially when it's Christmas! xxx

  4. Very lovely look. Especially the eyeliner. I also use the same foundation.


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