Friday, 21 March 2014


Argh, the quality of this photo is really annoying me!  I was literally just about to walk the dog and I wanted to catch the last of the natural light so this is the best of a hurried situation; which also brings me onto my small confession which is that this photo was taken on Thursday, not Friday! 
Friday is payday and also the start of Sports Relief weekend, which my work is a big sponsor of (can you guess where I work yet..) and across the stores there are a few surprises planned which may end up on YouTube or something, who knows.  But anyway, I won’t be around or looking in any way presentable for blog photos so I have taken this photo in advance!  My parka is my pride and joy, I bought it from Topshop a month or two ago and it is the warmest coat ever!  It is completely lined with the fleecy sheepskin which is also removable, which will be handy for the slightly warmer weather as I can just take the lining out and be left with a light jacket.  The hood is the most snug one I have ever had the pleasure of covering my head with, and the fur trim adds a nice luxe touch.  My make up is pretty basic, with the exception of my MAC lipstick in Creme Cup, which livens up the look a bit when my eye make up etc is pretty basic.  I should really have included an after-photo in this post of when I got back from walking the dog: gusty winds + hair worn down = lol. 
I have a whole week off to look forward to after this weekend, my boyfriend and I have a few things planned, some of which will involve spending some of the money from said payday! 
What have you got planned this weekend? xx


  1. Love the natural lipstick :) Hope work isn't too crazy busy for Sport Relief! xx

  2. Great post!I like your blog!)Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo


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