Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I think I can safely say that I have too many highlighters.  They are among my favourite products, because I love how a good one can lift your complexion and fake a look of dewy skin!  My all-time favourite has always been Benefit’s High Beam, even though a couple of dupes have come close.  Recently though whilst stopping in Marks and Spencer for a sandwich (I don’t like sandwiches usually but M&S ones are delishhh!), I had a wander around the beauty section just to see what they had to offer and this powder highlighter immediately caught my eye.  It is set in a gorgeous pattern in a pot with mirror that shows off the luminous rose gold colour, and it looked too good not to buy.  At £15 it’s not a budget buy but it’s a little bit less than High Beam, and I wanted to try a powder one for a change. 
I apply this after blusher to the tops of my cheeks and around to my temple, and also dust a little down my nose and across my forehead; basically anywhere that I think would naturally catch the light.  I apply it using the Real Techniques blusher brush and tap any excess off because the last thing you want is shimmery fallout!  It applies really easily and the slightest dusting is enough to highlight all of the parts that I want to.  The finish is amazing, it leaves a subtle rose gold iridescent glow that I really love.  I think it would be easy to go overboard with this and apply too much, but when you get it right it really looks lovely and compliments the contouring of blusher and bronzer.  It looks like it could be fairly glittery, but it is finely milled and doesn’t leave me looking like I’m fresh out of a school disco back in the 90s, so that’s a major plus!  If you have ever tried Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon then I would say that the finish of this is fairly similar to that. 
I definitely recommend this highlighter, it isn’t by a brand that I would usually shop for but it goes to show that trying something different can be a good thing with surprising results.  If you’re a big fan of highlighter like I am, then I reckon you would love it!  Anyway.. look how pretty it is!!
Does this look like a product you would try? xx


  1. wow it looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This is beautiful! Will be taking a look when I do some food shopping tomorrow- the sandwiches defo are the best! xxx

  3. I love highlighters too. This looks stunning. I haven't tried any Autograph makeup, I wasn't really aware they did it. I'll have to check it out xxx

  4. It looks gorgeous! the M&S beauty hall is amazing, so many great brands and the autograph line has some real gems. xx

  5. Whilst searching for the Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow online, I came across your blog about the autograph highlighter and decided to try it out. To me looks like a perfect dupe for the high end Bobbi Brown!! It's easy to apply, (0f course carefully) , beautiful & looks amazing on my skin too!! Thanks for this blog as I would have never known about this gorgeous Marks & Spencers highlighter!!❤💋❤💋😘


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