Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hello!  So whilst having a standard browse round Boots recently, I went to repurchase my favourite mascara Masterpiece Max and saw that Maxfactor were doing a free gift worth £27 when you spend £15.  Being the weak person that I am I immediately decided that I needed a new lipgloss, and conveniently that made my total come to £15.99 so whoop, free gift for moi!  In general I’m not particularly swayed by incentives like this because the free gifts are often samples of products that I would usually be interested in, but Maxfactor has always been a favourite brand of mine and when I saw that a full size False Lash Effect mascara was included I was sold.  Maxfactor’s strong point for me has always been their mascaras, and I’ve never found one that I prefer to any of theirs which is quite an achievement.  Also included in the free gift was a full sized nail polish, and I mean full sized, not one of those small polishes that they usually sell!  Lastly there was a full sized lipgloss, which looked pretty but I wasn’t overly bowled over by, but overall it was a great and generous freebie.
False Lash Effect Mascara (free): This is the waterproof version of the infamous Maxfactor favourite, I really love how this mascara delivers both length and volume.  The applicator is quite big though so coating bottom lashes can be a bit of a pain, I usually use a different one for them.  I haven’t used this waterproof version before, but in general they tend to hold a curl better than the regular counterparts so that’s a plus.  The downside is that it takes more effort to remove!
Masterpiece Max Mascara:  This is my go-to mascara, my favourite of all time.  It doesn’t get as much credit as the False Lash one, which I find strange because this one has the full package, including a thin wand and applicator which makes coating top and bottom lashes easy and also ensures that every lash is included.  I highly recommend it, and although I have fairly long lashes already, it really adds a lot of length to them and volumises them nicely – all with no flaking or fallout come the end of the day. 
Nail Polish in ‘Forever Glam’(free):  I am already in love with this shade and cannot wait to try it on properly!  It’s a deep magenta shade that’s glossy and supposedly long lasting – we shall see!
Max Effect Lipgloss in ‘Nude Brown’: This is the lipgloss I picked up to bring my total up to £15, I don’t need it and it probaby won’t be my holy grail product any time soon.  However, I do like Maxfactor lipglosses because they tend not to be sticky, so this will be an ideal daytime nude colour that hopefully won’t stick my hair to my lips.
Lipgloss in ‘Polished Fuchsia’:  This looks lovely and pigmented from the outside, however as you can see from the swatch that’s not really the case!  It is more of a sheen colour than I assumed, and not a super deep pink but rather a soft shimmery one instead.  I do still like it though, and it’s ideal as a subtle pop of colour if you don’t fancy going all out with a statement lip. 
What do you think of the Maxfactor free gift?  Are you tempted to get it? xx



  1. I've never tried anything from MaxFactor before! I always hear such amazing things about their mascaras though. That's a really good freebie! xxx

  2. I love Max Factor products, their mascaras are so good and not too pricey X


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