Monday, 6 January 2014

What’s in my Handbag #3 | ft Zara & Ted Baker

Hey!  I have already done a couple of ‘What’s in my Handbag’ posts before, but I seem to buy new handbags as often as milk or bread so I thought that I would do another updated version! This latest addition to my collaction is the Zara Office City Bag, which most people actually bought this time last year, but I have only just taken the plunge because until now I never thought that I would need a bag with so many compartments.  It is a gorgeous bag, I find myself often gazing lovingly at it or going through it for no reason!  The inside lining is a deep burgundy/wine colour and the gold zips compliment it perfectly.  It cost a cool £59.99 which is more than I would usually pay, but for the size and amount of room in it, it’s actually really good value.  The is a padded side which is large enough to fit a laptop in, and within this a smaller compartment which is just the right size to pop an ipad/tablet into.  I did have my Samsung Galaxy Tab in there but it’s come out again whilst I put some downloads onto it. 
I haven’t got too much in it yet, as I’m still in the process of carefully picking out various things.  But during the post Christmas sales, I picked up a couple of Soap and Glory sets in Boots and one of them included a small sized Hand Food moisturiser which I absolutely love, so that has gone straight into the bag!  A couple of standard things have gone in too, including my cute little Paperchase organiser, my new 2014 diary and my glasses that I hate.  Most importantly though, is my new Ted Baker purse!  I dragged my boyfriend to John Lewis last weekend to hunt through the sales and there was nothing left of Ted Baker, so I pretty much gave up hope.  On my way back through the bag/purse section though I found this rose gold and pink purse perched on top of a load of other brands, and it was like fate.  I picked it up straight away and couldn’t believe my luck, I love rose gold and hoped to find one.  The beauty of it all was that the price tag said £89, and with a gift card in my other hand I thought WHY NOT?! and took it straight to the til where….it went through for £50!  Seriously, that kind of luck never ever happens to me.  In total I paid £25 for the purse and I have been gushing about it ever since!
This is a very empty looking bag for now, in a day or two I can guarantee that it will be weighed down by various things, including too many lipsticks, other random make up bits, bus tickets, receipts, sweets and probably a spare pair of shoes or something silly like that.
What’s in your bag?  If you have any similar posts then leave me the link, I’m super nosy :) xx
Sarah x



  1. I love your Zara bag, I can't stop buying bags which is really bad, and have a strong feeling I'm going to be adding a Zara one to my collection soon! Your bag is very neat and organised I must admit, mines full of tissues and old receipts haha!

    Thank you for sending me your blog link in the chat on sunday :) I have now followed you on Bloglovin' and can't wait to read more!

    If you fancy a peek I'm over at - I'm hoping this is the year I start to get my big following (fingers and toes crossed!)

    Vicky xx

  2. Literally drooling over that purse has to be the prettiest thing I've ever seen and it's rose and a total bargain! So jealous right now, I would have even paid £50 for it tbh it's that nice! And you can't beat S&G hand cream I'm never without it in my handbag x

  3. I love this bag, I have it too but I swear it was only £49.99 when I bought mine :-/ Love your notebooks :)

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  4. That bag is gorgeous, love the purse too! xx

  5. I just love that bag! That's brilliant about the purse, love when things like that happen! Haha my bag always begins empty but somehow it ends up being full of crap in days.
    By the way I use Benefit's The Porefessional and a Maybelline BB Cream :) xxx


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