Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review | HD BROWS

Heyyy!  Today I thought that I would post about my new favourite product, the famous HD Brows palette.  I have seen a lot of reviews of it before, but as I already had a couple of trusty brow products I never actually tried it myself.  However, just before Christmas I treated myself to the Glamour beauty box from Latest In Beauty and this palette was one of the products included; a massive bargain considering the HD Brows usually costs around £19.99 and I paid £14.99 for the entire beauty box! 
So, as someone who takes my brows incredibly seriously, I am very particular about how they look and I like to have them quite big and bold, which isn’t everyone’s taste but I think that a brow can frame your whole face.  Plus there is the fact that during my teens I did the standard 2003 (omg I’m so old) thing by plucking them until there were only one or two strands left; they haven’t been the same since. 
This palette is the ‘foxy’ one, and the four shades range from very light to carbon.  I use the second darkest which is a medium/dark brown and it the pigment is just incredible!  You only need to use a small amount and it gives enough block colour to totally shade in your brows, without looking too false or crayoned in.  I use an angled brush to put mine on, and you can build it up as much as you want depending on how you like your eyebrows to look.  The lighter shades are great if you have light brown or blonde hair, I use the lighter brown sometimes to blend with the dark shade and it creates the perfect match for your skin tone and hair. 
I am so so impressed with this palette, the regular price is a bit on the expensive side, but now I have tried it and seen for myself how good it makes my brows look I wouldn’t hesitate in buying it again. 
Have you ever used HD Brows?  What do you think of it? xx
Sarah x


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  1. I'm really glad I read this review as I just treated myself to it! I wanted the Glamour box but couldn't get it in time x
    Sweet Dreams


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