Tuesday, 24 September 2013

NOTD | Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in ‘Lychee’

Hey!  Soooo… this is awkward, since this month I have been trying to take part in #blogyoursocksoff september and this is my first post since Friday I believe..boy is my face red!  Not that it’s a major disaster or anything, I just feel a bit disappointed in myself  ):   My new (ish) job is a lot harder on my brain (thank god) so I have been coming home in the evening struggling to switch off and after cooking etc all I want to do is crash out in front of the tv!  I have actually been reading a lot of blogs though and watching even more videos,  so I haven’t been completely awol from the blogging world.  My dog has also been taking up more of my time, as his latest hobby appears to be running off during walks and rolling in horse poo etc., so showers are becoming almost a daily task!  I’m sure you really wanted to know that..you’re welcome ;)
Never mind, here is today’s post.  Another simply nail look featuring Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in ‘Lychee’.  This is the latest addition to my nail polish collection, and another that I deemed suitable for work.  It is a pretty inoffensive colour, a really glossy nude that takes two coats to look perfect.  I think I love it, but a small part of me still sometimes looks at it and thinks “I kind of hate it”, and I think that’s because it blends into my skin colour a little too well… that sounds ridiculous, maybe it’s just that I love my bright nail colours so much that this just doesn’t cut it for me!  But in general I do like it for an every day shade.  The formula is good and the hi shine finish is as lovely and professional looking as ever, if I want a new colour lately Barry M Gelly is the brand I always looks to first. 
What nail polishes are you loving right now?  Are you a fan of this colour? xx



  1. I love this colour, it's one of my favourites by Barry M. It's so versatile too! And like you said, perfect for work.

    I'm loving navy nails at the moment, I've missed having darker colours on!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. I really like this on other people but it looks really weird on me! I love using it as a base for paler colours though xxx


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