Thursday, 26 September 2013

OOTD | Leather Look Tee & Topshop Trousers


Top: Ebay
Leggings: Topshop
Hey :)  I thought that I would do an outfit post today to show you my new favourite thing – this leather look top that I bought from Ebay for a bargain £5.49.  I have seen some similar tops doing the rounds in most high street shops lately, and even though I really wanted one, I didn’t quite see the point in paying much money for something that isn’t even real leather..!  I came across this one and it is perfect, I love the slightly baggy fit (I went up one size) and the fact that it looks more expensive than it was.  I think it will be very versatile, when I bought it I imagined wearing it with these leggings (which were bought earlier this year) and I’m so pleased with how they look together!  I have hardly worn these leggings, I feel pretty limited in what I can wear them with but I really like them, so I’m glad that this top goes with them nicely.  The black and white outfit was completed with some lipstick, specifically Topshop’s Rio Rio.  I generally stick to natural lip colours for daytime so it was nice to wear this lovely bright orange/red shade again! 
Just a quick post today, I am really bad at managing my time lately – working more hours has really thrown me off course!  I love blogging, but I’ve lately been coming home and just reading other blogs rather than working on my own!  xx


  1. Wow, bargain top! I love those leggings too, desperate for some tartan trousers! I've been the same lately, been more into reading blogs rather than writing my own because work is so tiring! xxx

  2. I love these leather look tops that are very trendy at the mo! I need to get me some check trousers too!

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  4. my school skirt was the same pattern as your leggings! I still really like them :)

    check out some of my posts, if you have the time


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