Thursday, 19 September 2013

Favourite Brands #1 | Benefit

Hey!  I thought I would start doing some posts on my favourite brands, ones which I always go back to and buy a lot of.  The first one that came to mind was Benefit, I have been using their products for a loooong time now and there are a number of their products that I count among my favourites.  They are not a budget brand, but I think that their products are of a good quality and of course…the packaging is pretty! 
The products of theirs that I currently have include the Big Beautiful Eyes palette, which is a little kit containing three eye shadows that are designed to create a lovely, natural contoured look that is perfect for daytime.  It also has some concealer in it too, which is handy if you take the palette out and want to top up your make up throughout the day.  There is a dark brown eye shadow in there which has actually completely run out (hence why I didn’t have a photo of it all opened up!), which I have often used to fill in my eyebrows.  It just happened to be the perfect shade for me, so I really need to think of repurchasing this as I really am missing it! 
Lemon Aid is another little gem, it is a product a bit like an eye primer that can be used to even out the skin tone on and around your eyelids if, like me, it is an annoying area that is so pale/translucent that you can see veins!  I have also used it to even out the skin tone under my eyes, the yellow tone in it is perfect for lightening dark circles. 
Then there are the cheek/lip products.  Benefit blushers are my all time favourite, I love everything about them from the bright range of shades to the sheer finish they have, and even their lovely smell!  As you can probably tell from the photo, Sugarbomb is my favourite and most reached-for.  This is the second purchase I have made of it, and I recently bought Rockateur too, which I reviewed a few days ago.  Coralista is another lovely shade, as the name suggests it is coral and leaves a healthy rosey glow on the cheeks that doesn’t look too fake or full on.  Cha Cha Tint and Posie Tint are liquid products that can be used both on the cheeks and lips.  Cha Cha Tint has to be my favourite out of the two, as Posie Tint is a little paler than I like.  I use Cha Cha Tint more on my lips, because I love the shade of coral that it is, and it’s also buildable so I can choose whether I want a light bit of colour or more of a bold pop instead.  The other great thing about this is that it lasts so so long, I can put some of it on my lips in the morning and it still looks exactly the same much later on in the afternoon!   High Beam has also recently been reviewed on here, I love it so much and it is a great high lighter in my opinion. Moon Beam is a similar product but the shade is different; it is a little darker and more yellow toned, and the sheen it has is more mother-of-pearl and iridescent finish if that makes sense?!  Hopefully the photo shows you what I mean hahah! 
Lastly, there is the Benefit Foundation Brush.  I used this all the time, and have nothing bad to say about it, it’s just that I’ve since discovered Real Techniques and this poor thing has kind of been neglected! 
Do you love Benefit as much as I do?  What are your favourite products? xx


  1. The only thing I've actually tried from Benefit is Benetint(which I loved). I have a wishlist as long as my arm but it's a bit too expensive for me.
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. j love high beam xx

  3. We have a really similar taste in Benefit products, I have most of these! And Rockateur is next on my list, I love the look of it


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