Friday, 9 August 2013

Review | MaxFactor Wild Mega Volume Mascara

Hey!  Another review today, of something that I was sure I would like as soon as I saw it.  MaxFactor is a brand not usually considered particularly popular with people of my age group, they have a number of products that are aimed at more mature skin and less that would appeal to younger people.  However, I have always been a fan of them, I have used a few of their foundations in the past and Miracle Touch is still one of my all time favourites.  The same goes for their mascaras, I absolutely love their False Lash Effect mascara and also their 2000 Calorie mascara. 
I was interested to see that they had launched the new ‘wild’ collection, which has a selcetion of colourful eyeshadows and polishes etc which looks like it is aimed at a younger market.  I’m not one for buying eyeshadows often, my Naked 2 palette is enough for me right now and considering how much it cost it will stay that way for a while!  But I did happen to be looking out for a new mascara, and when I saw this one I picked it up straight away.
I was right to have faith, because I love this mascara!  It is a lovely deep black colour that goes on easily thanks to the shape of the brush, and for a volumising mascara it gives really good length too.  There was no sign of spidery lashes (although I’m guilty of sometimes enjoying a spider lash SORRY NOT SORRY!), and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it covered my bottom lashes well too, as I often find that thicker brushes make it harder to get to all my smaller lashes. 
There is a little flaking during the day, but not much at all.  I really love this mascara and recommend you give it a go!
Have you tried this mascara?  Are you a MaxFactor fan like me? xx
I am off tomorrow on holiday for ten days, I haven't scheduled any posts for while I'm away because I plan to photograph my outfits and do some (a lot) of shopping which I will write about when I'm back.  I'm going to the east coast, specifically North Norfolk so if any of you reading this are from that way let me know!  I have been going up there since I was young and feel like it is my home from home so I'm really excited to go!  I will be dipping my toe in the lifestyle side of blogging too when I'm back, as I plan to share some of the photos I take while I'm away and talk about my photography in general.  Let me know what you think about this (if anything!) and I will be back in 11 days time :) Have a lovely time if you too are going on holiday this weekend! xx


  1. This looks fab! Have a lovely, lovely holibobs (hope the weather behaves!) xxx

  2. This looks really good!!! Love MaxFactor mascaras :) Danielle xx



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