Thursday, 22 August 2013

The One Where I Instagrammed My Holiday

Hey!  Soooo I have recently taken a break from blogging, and even Twitter, whilst I went off on holiday!  I didn’t leave the country, it was a 10 day break at the British seaside, Cromer in Norfolk to be precise.  I have been coming here since I was little, even when we holidayed somewhere else a trip here was still squeezed in somehow!  I love it so much, it is a traditional seaside town that gets pretty crowded during summer but still manages to resist becoming too commercialised.  The streets are made up of colourful cottages and the high street is full of independent clothes shops and bakeries, as well as a good few beach gift shops and a Boots (thank god).  It’s really nice that I went there so much with my family when I was young and now I take my boyfriend there, who loves it too. 
I decided to use my holiday as an excuse to get more into using Instagram, I have never got into it before because I was so used to using my camera for photos that I always felt a bit weird using my iPhone camera, like why use that when I’ve got my Nikon in the next room!  But I’ve got over that now, and though I did take waaaaaay more photos on my camera, I took a lot of everyday snaps on my phone and…well that brings me back to this post! 
We had great weather luckily, which is something you really cannot predict when you’re staying in England!  I made quite a few purchases too, the ones you can see are the watch which I LOVE, and a playsuit from Topshop which I picked up during a trip into Norwich.  I also bought a number of things from Boots which will be in future posts, it was actually pretty lethal having one in the town because I ended up buying things from there almost every day..oopsy!  I also had an amazing amount of luck during a look round a local car boot sale, one of my bargain finds being the Chanel ring that you can see in a photo.  There was more too but again I will be doing a separate post on those.  A lot of food was eaten over the 10 days, and being a salad-dodger by nature I of course got easily lured into the numerous fish and chip shops and other various restaurants which has now resulted in my trousers being a lot more ‘snug’ fitting than before I went (I’m not even joking, unfortunately).
Let me know what you think of this post!  Have you been holidaying anywhere nice this summer?


  1. Ah I love Cromer!! Looks like you had a wonderful time, and very lucky with the weather - yay!!


  2. Glad you had a lovely time! I'm now craving a trip to the seaside! xxx

  3. Hi Sarah! You're pictures are lovely! I am hosting a giveaway right now at my blog and 1 for every week in September! You should check it out!

    xo Michelle


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