Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Favourite Nail Polishes

Left to right: Rimmel 60 seconds in ‘sky high’, Rimmel Pro in ‘peppermint’, MUA polish in ‘koala bear’, Barry M Gelly in ‘blueberry’, Barry M Gelly in ‘grapefruit’, Essie polish in ‘fear & desire’, Barry M Gelly in ‘satsuma’ and Barry M Gelly in ‘passionfruit’
Hey!  So I think it’s pretty clear that I am a fan of the Barry M Gelly polishes..!  Four have made it to my favourites and that number will probably be even higher once I get my hands on some more from the collection!  So I have seen a fair few of these type of posts around lately and I thought I would throw in my own polishes to show you which ones I go back to over and over again. 
The first polish is a new addition to my collection in the form of Rimmel’s 60 Second colour in ‘sky high’.  Admittedly, when I bought this I didn’t expect it to come out quite as dark as it did, but I still really love it and wear it a helluva lot!  Second up is another Rimmel polish in the form of ‘peppermint’ from their Pro collection.  I love the large flat brushes that come with these polishes as it makes it so easy to cover your nail with colour in one swipe, I definitely think they are underrated.  This colour is a lovely minty green that I was obsessed with for a while, it’s a pastel shade that clearly means it is summer when you’ve got it on.  Then I have MUA’s ‘koala bear’ which is a light grey shade.  It takes around 2/3 coats to build up a solid block of colour but for £1 you can’t go wrong and I actually really like it and wear it a lot to work as it is pretty subtle.  Next up is my special favourite!  It’s Barry M Gelly nail paint in ‘blueberry’, and I cannot emphasise enough how much I love it!  The finish is a high shine glossy look that really does look professional, and this colour in particular is my favourite because it is so bright and candy-like.  The same goes for the other Barry M colours that have made it, ‘passionfruit’, ‘grapefruit’ and ‘satsuma’; they are gorgeously bright and bold and just make my nails look so much better!  They are my favourite brand by far right now and I cannot recommend them enough!  Finally there is my bargain Essie buy in ‘fear & desire’ which I picked up for £1.99 on  I love the tangerine orange shade that this is, it makes my (fake) tan look pretty good and it is more matte than the other polishes I have so I like having one that has a slightly different finish.
I was in fact wearing one of my trusty Barry M’s today, only to glumly realise that I was working today and that it would have to be removed (I try and leave it on if it’s a subtle colour because it goes unnoticed but neon pink doesn’t tend to blend in to the background does it), so I hurriedly got it off but because I was rushing nail polish remover went EVERYWHERE and the smell was just awful and it was like a little nail-related crime scene really.  No amount of hand washing got rid of that smell and a bath and a shower later I sit here typing whilst still giving off faint nail polish remover fumes every now and again. 
What are your favourite nail polishes right now?xx


  1. That Essie polish is so pretty :D
    I am quite tempted to make a Fragrance Direct order myself and get one. Haha.

    Rimmel Sky high is definitely screaming at me though, I do love blue shades :D
    Great Post ^_^

    Juyey xx

  2. I really love the Barry M gelly shines, they're great quality.
    Water Painted Dreams

  3. The corals from Barry M.. so pretty, I want them all! :)


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