Friday, 2 August 2013

Review | Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Hey!  I cannot believe that I haven’t already reviewed this concealer!  I have had it for over a month now and have been wearing it religiously every day with my make up.  I bought this in a panic actually, I got to work at a ridiculously early hour, caught sight of my reflection and immediately realised that I needed some more concealer on my eye bags (the bane of my life).  Luckily we have a Rimmel stand in the shop so I hurried down and picked this up without really thinking about it, I was just desperate to get back upstairs and make my eyes look better!  This product did the trick better than I expected, so I put it into my make up bag and thought I would test it out for a few days. 
I had low expectations of this product because I was not madly in love with the Wake Me Up foundation (I think I’m the only person ever to say that) and I wasn’t expecting this to be any better, and apart from a couple of Kate Moss lipsticks and some nail polishes I don’t really buy from Rimmel very often.  Well, I can say now that I have been proven very wrong.  This stuff is great!  The formula is creamy and not as thick as the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer that everyone and their dog loves, and it therefore is less gloopy and doesn’t sink into my skin to reveal awful little lines that I didn’t realise were there before.  I suffer really badly not only with the bags but also the horrible dark colour of them, and this meant I was putting quite a bit of the Collection concealer on and it was just too thick for that area.  The Rimmel one, however, covers the dark circles really well and blends nicely into my foundation.  I really am pleasantly surprised with this, and it was a bargain too at only £5.49.  I have used lots of it up already and there is no doubt whatsoever that I will be repurchasing it once I have used it up! 
It is quite a big thing for me to say that I have found a concealer that does the job for me, my dark circles are awful so I really struggle to keep them at bay.  This product is definitely the closest I have come to solving the problem, so I highly recommend it! 
Have you tried this concealer? xx


  1. I haven't tried this concealer although I might do when my Touche Eclat runs out as I won't be able to afford to buy more!!


  2. Im rather faithful to my collection concealer but this is on my list!Beth

  3. Thanks for the review Sarah :) I also have wicked dark circles and have been using the Collection one, a Catrice palette and Boi-ing alternately but since I DO love the Wake Me Up foundation I think this concealer might be for me! And as good as the other concealers are, nothing ever completely covers up my eye luggage.


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