Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What I Bought This Week #8

Hey :)  Here is my eighth WIBTW post, I’m quite pleasantly surprised that I managed to keep them up this long – usually I forget and start another new series of posts!  I didn’t buy any new clothes in the last week, which is a bit of a shame because I need clothes more than I do make up and nail polish!  But never mind, it happened and this is what I bought, not a great amount of stuff but all investments I believe!
Collar Necklace: New Look sale, £2
I love this, it will add a little sparkle to my plain tops and saves me having to buy any peter pan collar tops, which I’m not actually much of a fan of anyway (they’re a trend that won’t go away but I’m more than happy to miss out on this one) .  I like the little soft gold beads that make it up, and I just think that it looks a bit more interesting than an actual collared top would.
Rimmel Lasting Finish polish in ‘sky high’: £2.99
I fancied a blue polish for a change, on closer inspection this one is a little darker than I first thought when I saw it on the shelf, but I’ve tried it out and I do like it.
Perfect Finish false nails: Boots, £8.50
I use these allllll the time!  They are great and with polish on them too my nails look like they have been done professionally.  I bought some false nail clippers from the beauty section of TK Maxx to trim them down because they are pretty long otherwise, and after a little dedication and patience..voila!  Lovely smart nails :)
L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Dry Tanning Mist: Boots, £10.33
This is a little embarrassing because this product featured in my last WIBTW!  I had to buy it again because I am really rather stupid and misplaced it.  I bought it again because I really enjoyed having this as a quick fix tanning product; I have been short on time lately and haven’t been using my beloved Cocoa Butter tan as much, so spraying this has been a great help and the end result is actually really nice and natural looking, so it was definitely worth the repurchase!
Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser: Boots, £2.37
What a bargain this is!  I have seen this product get some good reviews from other bloggers, and being the lazy girl I am it sounded right up my street.  I have already tried it and I can say that it is a life saver, moisturising in the shower cuts out all of the effort and time of doing it after!  I can already tell that this will be repurchased over and over again, and at £2.37 why not!
What have you been buying lately?  Also, thanks to the lovely Abi at A Floral Crown I now have a blog button, so if you fancy a swap then let me know :) xx



  1. I love that Nivea thing, I thought it'd be a bit gimmicky but it actually really works. Love your new header by the way! xxx

    1. ahh thanks :D yeah I thought that too but I'm really loving it! xx

  2. I really want to try this tan! And the necklace is gorgeous :) xxx

    1. you should definitely give it a try! xx

  3. Love the new header and layout change - looks great!

    Those false nails look interesting, I spend a lot of money on getting a gel manicure every couple of weeks but because my nails are weak and I bite them it's the only method I've found so far for keeping them looking nice. How long do the nails you buy from Boots last? Are they quite strong?



    1. thanks :)
      they nails are really good and are very strong for what they are. I make them last 1 week + by buying stronger glue from ebay though! xx

  4. I love the colour of the rimmel nailpolish!:)
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