Friday, 26 July 2013

Review | Schwarzkopf Oil-licious Styling Oil

Boots, £4.20
Hey :)  I hope you are having a lovely weekend, after the drama of the Royal Baby last week!  I had to mention it, it’s a hard subject to avoid right now, especially since the future king has been named as George Alexander Louis.  I am a fan of the name, though I must admit that 1)I was convinced the baby would be a girl and 2)when he was born a boy I was convinced he would be called James.  So from this I would say that I have no sixth sense whatsoever, and that it is clearly a good thing that I didn’t place any bets this week. 
Moving swiftly on, I am very excited to talk about this new addition to my hair care routine.  This was a random purchase from Boots, I wasn’t really looking for it but I saw it on the shelf and my curiosity got the better of me.  I am really glad that it did though, because this little bottle has been a little miracle worker for me and I especially relied on it during this hot and humid weather. 
The heat doesn’t affect me at all, but sadly my hair suffers by becoming more frizzy than usual.  I have to admit that my little bottle of Moroccan Oil has helped a lot but I style find that I need help when styling my hair, like putting it into a fishtail plait for work etc.  I put a little of this oil on my dry hair and then brush it through (with my new Tangle Teaser  FYI), and then style it as normal.  The difference using this makes is dramatic; it makes my styles sleek and much neater, any stray hairs are gone and my hair looks glossy and not like it has masses of damage to the ends! 
Another great thing about this product is that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy, as you may expect when putting oil on dry hair.  You only need very little of this for it to work, which is great as means that it will last me a long time and at only £4.20 it makes for a good value for money product. 
This product has been a life saver for me lately, I have been getting up at 6am to get ready for work, and frizzy hair is the sort of thing that can reduce me to tears of stress at that time of the morning, so using this has meant a lot less upset for me and I now get to arrive at work without out my hair at least not looking like I have been electrocuted. 
Have you tried this product?  Have you got anything similar that you love? xx


  1. This sounds great! My hair is so dry right now but I don't like the thought of splashing out on the Moroccan Oil if I don't like it so this looks like a good alternative! I wanted the bubs to be a girl, I was so convinced it would be! xxx

  2. This looks great! I always worry about my hair becoming greasy with these oils but this sounds like it would do the trick great :) xx

  3. I haven't tried this exact oil but products like this are the best thing to repair dry ends! I use a Joico one and it's a life-saver :)

    Isabela x

  4. I love your blog its awesome, I just followed it via GFC. :) come chekx out my blog?


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