Monday, 24 June 2013

What I Bought This Week #6

Hey!  My blogging has been really lame lately, with just the odd post here and there.  My latest excuse is that I had a week off work with my boyfriend (we work at the same place, which wasn’t weird when we met but became a bit of a challenge when he became my boss, but he isn’t now so it’s fine)and it was his birthday so we have been out and about.  The highlight of the week was venturing up north to Alton Towers, which is a big deal for me because I very rarely step north of Watford as the saying goes. We got to stay at the hotel which was lovely, and by the time we were heading home, I had begun to perfect my Staffordshire accent nicely. 
Anyway, on to what I have actually bought recently.  The bag is a bit of a lie because I bought it a couple of weeks ago during a trip to Oxford Street with my bezza Faye.  It was £28 from Topshop. I have had my beady eye on this for weeks, and am actually still quite surprised that I got it, because neon really isn’t me..usually.  Something seems to be occurring in my head lately, what with the purchase of a mint green casual dress and now this…I’m a little scared but I shall embrace it anyway.  I love the neat satchel style of this bag, and the fact that the long strap can be tucked away so it can be held by the small handle as well. It’s the perfect sixe to fit in my purse and a couple of other bits and bobs, and the colour will most certainly brighten up all of the outfits will I wear it with! 
Bracelet, £3 River Island
This is just a little cutie that is lovely and delicate, it indulges my love of religious iconography and is subtle enough to leave on and wear with absolutely everything.
Dress, £28 Dorothy Perkins
I am pretty sure I have got the original price of this dress wrong, because I bought it during one of Dorothy Perkins’ many ‘30% Spectaculars’.  Anyhow, I really really love this dress, I have already worn it to a fancy meal out with my boyfriend’s family and worn with red lips, it oozes the 1950s! 
What have you been buying this week?  I am currently catching up with all my favourite blogs, I actually love reading a lot of posts in one go because I end up feeling mega inspired and ready to spend all my money! xx


  1. You have purchased some lovely bits hunny, although that luminous yellow bag is so bright and bold I know you will make it look beautiful - I'm sure you can even style it with that pretty polka dress from Dorothy Perkins! What a beautiful dress by the way. I am in love with Dorothy Perkins - I always did love the store until I did my work experience there I did get sick of seeing the same clothing for two weeks however looking back it was a fun experience and the staff are always so welcoming and lovely so I can't fault them. I guess I'm a floral girl not polka dot but if you can pull off polka then it is a fabulous style especially on curvy women I feel! Also, what a cute bracelet? I seem to have lacked buying accessories or actually buying things in general due to a lack in money but I was once completely obsessed with things like that and I really have no idea why I'm not anymore! I love looking at these kind of posts. They give me a large amount of inspiration to things that I may want to look at purchasing in the future. I would have loved to have seen what these items look like on your figure however I bet they do look stunning! Happy shopping!

    Shannon x ♥

    1. aw thanks so much for your lovely comment! I would love to have done work experience or actual work at a clothes shop but I've always been in the food side of things which is ok when I want a little discount from my food hahah. I'm not really into floral or dots but sometimes I see something that changes my mind, in general though I'm a black and white girl! I'm glad I've got a bit more colour going on now though. Glad you liked the post thanks for stopping by :D xx

  2. That bag is perfect - love the colour!
    Megan xxx

    1. thanks! I'm using it every day right now hahah I love it xx

  3. Gorgeous bag, I'm not a neon person either but that bag has definitely changed my mind :) Can't resist a polka dot pattern either! xx

    1. same, there's just something about this bag! xx


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