Saturday, 25 May 2013

Review | MUA Nail Polish in Koala Bear

Hey!  Yesterday I bought myself my first MUA nail polish.  At only £1 I thought it was worth a try no matter what I expected the quality of it to be, you can’t really go wrong for that amount! 
It is a small bottle that looks very similar to an Essie one, with the name printed into the glass and the white lid.  I chose this colour because I’ve been looking for a pale grey type colour for a while now, it’s neutral and great for daytime wear when the weather isn’t quite right for summer pastels!
I only bought this a day ago and put it on pretty soon after (I’m so keen)and as I write this it so far hasn’t chipped which is quite a bonus as I usually manage to chip my nails straight away.
I needed three coats of this to get it looking how it does in the photo, and even then it isn’t opaque which is a shame because the colour would be really nice if it was!  It’s pretty translucent, but I guess I can build it up a little more if I want a bolder colour.  For £1, this is a perfectly ok colour if you are looking for something subtle with only a hint of colour and I’m sure I will be wearing this on work days wear I need my nails to blend in and not be noticed by my boss!  However I don’t think I’ll be buying another one, I think in this situation spending a little more money does buy you a better quality product!  
What do you think of MUA nail polishes?  xx

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  1. Its a very pretty color. I love MUA cosmetics!!


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