Sunday, 21 April 2013

What I Bought This Week #2

What I Bought This Week #2

Hey!  Please note that these rather extravagant purchases (for me anyway) were made because I was caught up in the event that was Payday, a joyous occasion that comes round every month and causes me to spend most of what I was paid in one go and live off nothing for the next four weeks.  It’s a vicious circle but I see no end to it just yet as I am so bad at controlling my spending.
Anyhow, I ended up at Westfield this weekend, which resulted in the above purchases.
H&M Leather Look Gilet (£14.99)
I could not believe that this was only £14.99!  I had to look twice because I thought it was a mistake but nope, it really was that cheap.  I had wondered about getting one of these for a while now, and when I saw this and how much it cost, I just went for it and bought it.  I will probably wear this with various t shirts in summer and even over some of my summer dresses that I haven’t bought yet. 
Topshop Dungarees (£38)
I’m afraid that this little story does not end well.  I did not try these on in the shop at the time because I really really hate shop changing rooms, I swear that I never look worse than when I am in those things!  So I just picked up my usual size and hoped for the best.  When I got them home and tried them on they fit pretty well, but they shrunk me!  I am only 5’1” and when I put these on for some reason I seemed to shrink down to the height of an average 11 year old.  The shorts part of them also sat right in the middle of my hips, and the pockets are here too and they made me look really wide and more pear shaped than ever :(  So I am afraid that these will have to be returned asap. 
H&M Skull Print Lace Top (£7.99)
I bought this because I thought it looked cute and I can see me wearing it over brightly coloured vest tops etc, skulls seem to be a common theme with me lately!
Clinique Even Better Foundation (£23, House of Fraser)
I bought this because I have read some good reviews on it and I thought that for the summer I would like some lighter foundation that looks lovely and dewy but also still gives good coverage.  Apparently this does all of those things, so I will give it a try and expect a review shortly!
Benefit They’re Real Mascara (£19.50, Boots)
I have used this before and was rather impressed with it, so I thought that while I still have the funds I would repurchase.
Tea Tree Water (£3.95, Lush)
This is a toning water that supposedly helps calm your skin down and help fight any breakouts.  The day I purchased this was the day that I noticed some spots starting to form under my skin so I bought this as I wanted something natural to try that wasn’t packed with chemicals, so I shall see if it helps!
Rose Gold Style Skull Necklace (£6.50, Topshop)
Cute, end of!
Linea Bag (£63, House of Fraser)
This was my special present to myself yesterday, it had 20% off so it went straight to the till with me.  I can’t stop looking at it, it is a thing of beauty.  It’s pretty big and there are loads of compartments inside (the inside is pink!) and it looks way more expenive than it was even though to me £63 is expensive and yeah I love it!
So there we have it, some fairly reckless spending straight after pay day.  What have you been buying this week?  Do you splurge as soon as payday comes around?! xx


  1. The bag is goregous! Such a pretty colour. I definitely always splurge when I get paid, I got paid Friday and am already searching for what to buy :)
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

    1. heheh same as me, it's like a sickness! :D xx

  2. That Lush toner is my fav, helped with sorting my skin out so much!
    Megan xxx

    1. that's great to hear, I hope it does the same for me! :) xx

  3. That bag is beautiful! Such a gorgeous colour. I love that gilet, so good for winter as well to layer under jackets. What a bargain! You probably wouldn't think so but I'm actually good at controlling my spending haha xxx

    1. wish I was better at controlling money :( I am quite surprise I assumed you were an uncontrollable shopaholic hah!! xx

  4. I've wanted to try out that skin toner for ages! Plus the colour of that bag is beautiful, perfect for the summer :) xx

    1. I bought the toner in the smaller size to try out rather than getting the full size one, so far I'm loving it xx

  5. I love the bag, gorgeous colour!
    The lace skull top is lovely, too.

    Jesss xo

    1. thank you :) Now need a nice sunny day to wear it! xx

  6. That bag is beautiful!! And all your other purchases look great, shame about the Toppers dungarees though :(


    1. thanks! Yeah they're gone now :( so disappointed xx

  7. I love the colour of that bag it's perfect for spring! you got some gorgeous stuff! xx


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