Monday, 4 March 2013

OOTD | ‘Yours for as long as life endures’

‘Yours for as long as life endures’-Queen Katherine Howard, ‘The Tudors’

Cardigan:Zara via charity shop
Hey!  Not the most exciting outfit in the world, but I thought I would finally post about the Zara cardigan I picked up in a charity shop a few weeks ago for only a couple of ££.  I don’t own anything else from Zara, and I don’t really know why except that there isn’t a store anywhere near where I live for some reason and because of this I never think of it or remember to look at it online.  I think this was a really lucky find, it was one of those times when I had looked in the whole of the rest of the charity shop and had pretty much given up finding anything when I just suddenly noticed one of the sleeves poking out of the rails and here we are now!  I really love this cardi, it’s soooooo soft and comfy, and warm as well even though it isn’t that thick or woolly.  The lace shoulders really dress it up a bit too and make it one of those things you can easily dress up or down, so I can definitely see me wearing it throughout summer over my dresses etc when I become a shivery wimp in the warm (cold) evenings! 
I love the feeling of success I get when I find something nice in a charity shop, it’s very satisfying and you also know that you’ve done you’re bit that day for charity so it’s a win-win situation!  I can go for ages without finding anything in them, but then out of the blue comes a great find like this one!xx
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  1. Loving this outfit :D you can't go wrong with a pair of Topshop jeans, so comfy and cute :D

    Just stumbled across your blog and couldn't resist not following :D would love it if you'd stop by and take a peek through mine if you get a chance :D

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