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FOTD | & My Daily Make Up

Face of the Day & My Daily Make Up


Hey!  I haven’t done a post about my daily make up for ages, if ever, so I thought I would share the products that I’m currently using.  I change my make up routine weekly usually because I get bored so easily, find new things that I want to try, rediscover old things that I want to use again, the list goes on!  I’m a little ashamed to admit that I am very weak when it comes to buying make up, and this weakness has increased tenfold since I’ve been reading blogs which is why there are a couple of things there that have had more than their fair share of coverage in the blogging world and I don’t really need to say which they are! 
First in my routine is the moisturiser, but before that I use a facial scrub every morning which is amazing and something I’m going to review in the next week or so.  At the moment I am using a Garnier moisturiser called ‘Essential Hydrating Day Cream’, which I picked up in a supermarket when it was on offer for something silly like £2.99.  I bought this when my No.7 Beautiful Skin moisturiser had run out, and I didn’t really feel like paying for another expensive one before reading some reviews so I picked this Garnier one up as a kind of in between cream, but it turns out that this is actually really nice and creates a great base for the rest of my make up.  It is quite thin, not rich and gloopy like some moisturisers, and it says that it is for normal to combination skin.  This sinks in really nicely and leaves quite a matte/satin feel to my skin and not a trace of oiliness (is that a word?).  This is definitely a good budget buy and it does what it says it does, and it’s ideal for slightly oily skin like mine.  I will use this up but the only thing that may stop me repurchasing is the fact that it doesn’t have any SPF or any other skin benefiting things that a more high end moisturiser would have. 
The primer I’m using is L’Oreal Studio Secrets and I wrote a review on it a couple of weeks ago.  I love using this, especially around my t-zone where the pores are horribly big and this just goes on like a clear little mask so foundation just goes on without sinking in.  This was £14.99 which is quite expensive compared to other primers, but I do really like this so depending on my money situation when it runs out, I may repurchase!
Now…the foundation.  This is the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and this purchase pretty much sums up how weak I am, there were loads of reviews of it going around but the ones that finally persuaded me were Kate’s from Gh0stparties and Caroline from SparklyVodka.  Their skin looked soooooo nice and flawless that I just rushed out and bought some whilst trying not to dwell too much on the price of it (£33).  I have been using this for about a week so far with a Real Techniques brush and I am really pleased with how it looks.  It is a satin finish and on my skin is quite matte but the coverage is amazing, and you only need a tiny blob to cover your whole face.  It really is a lovely foundation that feels so light as if you’re not wearing any at all.  The problem I face now is that this doesn’t contain SPF (which is good in foundations because it usually creates ghostface in photos) and neither does my moisturiser, so I feel a bit exposed (lol) in the skin protection area.  However that problem shall eventually be solved by changing moisturiser rather than foundation.
The highlighter I use is High Lights by Technic, which can be found on Ebay.  It is ridiculously cheap and does the exact same job as High Beam by Benefit, you really cannot tell the difference!  I use this on my cheek bones, below my brows and on my cupids bow and I will definitely buy this again and again.
I use the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette just for my eyebrows, as the dark brown eyeshadow in there is a perfect match for my brows and I find that using a shadow rather than a pencil creates a softer and more natural look. 
I bought the YSL Touche Eclat from for a little less than the rrp.  I really love this as it covers my dark under eye circles better than any other concealer/highlighter I’ve tried before.  My dark circles bother me a lot so I’m up for paying more for something that will actually work to cover them, and so far I’m really happy with this product. 
Urban Decay Naked 2 is another splurge, but again totally worth it!  I love experimenting with the different colours and blending them for both day and night looks, they will last for ages too so that’s my excuse for that one! 
If you got through that essay then well done! xx
Sarah x

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  1. Naked 2 is awesome isn't it! I got it for my birthday last December and I wear it pretty much every day. It's such a staple.
    And I really like this make up look - it's really fresh and kind of 'bright eyed, bushy tailed'.
    Please do more posts like this Sarah!
    Kerry | Kerralina x
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway if you wanted to take a peek!


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