Friday, 1 March 2013

FOTD | Me and My Naked Face


Hey :)!  In one of my last FOTDs, I was not wearing eyeliner.  Well in a surprising twist of fate, I am wearing eyeliner in this one but not mascara and this is what I usually look like if I have nothing particularly planned for the day apart from dog walking and photograph editing type stuff.  Mascara is the most annoying part of make up to remove at night so, when possible, I don’t wear it!  I wouldn’t dreeeeeeam of going to work without it or anything else!  But sometimes I just feel it’s not necessary to wear it and my eyelashes surely thank me for that. 

That’s all very well and true, however there are two minor details missing:
1) I’m at work today so this is a scheduled post and therefore will most definitely will be wearing mascara

2) At the time of writing this post I have run out of mascara so have no choice but to not wear any.  However by Friday when this post is seen, I will have stocked up on it but at this very moment have not decided which one to buy. 
Sarah x


  1. You're lucky you can get away with no mascara! I agree, it's SUCH a pain to remove. I accidentally bought a waterproof one, hate it it can literally take days to get off D: xxx

  2. Found you on twitter, love the blog.


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