Monday, 17 December 2012

OOTD | Bad Medicine is What I Need

Top: Primark
Trousers: River Island
Hey everyone :).  Thought I would liven up my usually plain background that I used for photos by relocating to in front of the Christmas tree!  May I add that the tree was decorated by moi, I take great pride in carefully placing every bauble and ribbon..!  
I wore this simple outfit to go Christmas shopping today on my day off.  Some may say that most Christmas shopping should be done by now, which is probably true, but I seem to work best under pressure generally.  HOWEVER, today I came back with only wrapping paper and some sweets from Poundland, when I had gone there intending to buy 3 different people’s presents.  This = panic mode and fury at self.  The only positive is that I’m furious with myself whilst eating Cadbury’s Animal Biscuits. 
Moving on, the top is quite old but is an old favourite because the little velvety collar instantly makes a casual outfit a bit nicer.  The trousers are River Island’s answer to disco pants, and even though they are a little long on me, I love them and they are really comfy and flattering.  xx



  1. Love your top - soooo pretty! And nice tree too. ;) x

  2. Love the tree and the outfit too! I still haven't finished my shopping yet either, I only have boys left to buy for which makes it even harder! xxx

  3. Amazing poses! You look great! =)

    I love your Christmas tree! Nicely done! We didn't get a Christmas tree this year, we'll prepare for the next time around.

    Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Enjoy ♥


  4. Woah I LOVE your trousers! Nice post.
    Happy new year!

    Eva xo


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