Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lee Stafford Hair Oil Review | FOTD

Hey everyone :) I had to review this Lee Stafford Moroccan Argan Oil because I have been so impressed with it!  I have been using it for a week now, I wash my hair and towel dry it until it’s damp/dry and then put some oil on the ends up to the middle of my hair (put it any higher up and HEY greasy roots!), and then blow dry it.  Because I have long hair and don’t frequent the hairdressers quite as much as I should (£30 for a trim…the joys of living in the south!), I have split ends that remain there no matter what efforts I go to to keep them away, and the ends of my hair just don’t look thick or healthy.  However, since I’ve been using this oil, I’ve noticed quite a change in the look of my hair.  I don’t know if this oil is actually doing any ‘repairing’, but my hair definitely looks a lot thicker and glossier, and because of this the split ends seem to be a lot less visible!  I’m pretty sure this isn’t a miracle product, but I think I’m seeing good results because it is just the kind of thing my hair needed right now!  It’s priced at £11.99 in Boots which is a little pricey but if your hair needs some love like mine did then I would definitely recommend it and say it is worth every penny :) xx
p.s sorry for the bad photos again, they were taken on my iphone + there was bad light so I had no chance really xx

SimplySarah x


  1. Stopping by from the "Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop" and just followed you! Hope you can come by and visit some time, maybe follow back if you like what you see ;-)

    xoxo Keke (Pakize)

  2. Your photos are still better than mine haha! When my hair grows I can't wait to try a hair oil they sound so luxurious xxxx

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