Monday, 10 December 2012

My Birthday & a Brief OOTD

Hey everyone :) I’ve had a nice lazy Monday today spent going through some recent photography work, attempting some online xmas shopping and catching up with every ones blogs!  

Last week I had my birthday and I turned the grand old age of 23 :O.  I’m not big on celebrating my birthday, the last massive celebration was on my 18th and since then a part of me has always been a little depressed at getting older!  HOWEVER, I had a great day and my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour!  For me, this is life-completing stuff.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop, it was reallllllly amazing getting to see real sets and costumes that were used in the films. 

Coming up are a few photos I took whilst there, so this is just a warning to leave the page now if you don’t want to see what’s there!  The same applies to Potter haterzzz like Josie who just don’t share the passion for Harry that I do :D xx
warner brothers studio tour 042
warner brothers studio tour 077
warner brothers studio tour 012
warner brothers studio tour 020
warner brothers studio tour 088

I’ll stop there, because I took nearly 200 photos and I could go through them all uploading one by one because I’m such a keeno! 
I got given some nice clothes and various make up pieces for my birthday too, so I will be blogging about those very shortly.  One of the things I’m most excited about is some hair oil that I got, it seems to be some kind of miracle worker so far so I think I will blog about that next. 
Moving on, I did a quick couple of photos today of my outfit:  

_DSC0284                                             Top: River Island via Charity Shop
Trousers: Supertrash (old & in sale)
Bracelets: River Island & Topshop


  1. Happy belated birthday! Even though it's not my cup of tea as you said haha I'm glad you had an amazing time! To be fair though I do think the costumes and sets of Harry Potter are great. Love your velvet top, looks very Christmassy! xxx


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