Thursday, 22 November 2012

OOTD | Like Frankie said ‘I Did it My Way’

Hey everyone :) A few more photos than usual for me today, and apologies for the excessive bitchface, but I do suffer from it rather badly!  This OOTD is pretty much just to show the things I bought from Topshop recently.  The first is the skull print leggings.  The 15 year old goth that still dwells someplace in me went crazy when I saw these, and the older me just thought they looked quite fun and an interesting alternative to all my plain black leggings that I have.  I got them from the Petite section luckily, so they’re not too long for once and there isn’t a load of excess baggyness at my knee like there usually is!  I find that being 5’1” has a number of disadvantages, including trousers never being short enough and certain things just not suiting me because they swamp me :(  I used to wear heels all the time, but during winter I live in Uggs/converse/DMs so it’s back to straining my neck to look up to people and being that bit smaller than everyone else at the dinner table!  
The other things I bought were the lipsticks.  The coral shade is ‘Ooh La La’ and because I ordered online and Topshop made it to3 million Facebook fans, I got the pink shade ‘Innocent’ free using the code ‘3millionkisses’ at the checkout!  I’m always very wary of pastel colours in both clothes and make up, but I actually quite like this pink shade and think I will be wearing quite a bit for every day wear.  Coral is my go to shade in general because it is one shade that suits my pale skin tone, and I love this shade because it’s not quite as bold as the last coral lipstick I bought, so I can where this wherever as well.  

In other news, I had puppy class again yesterday in the pouring rain.  So as well as Rocky squaring up to every other puppy inlcuding Downton Abbey guy’s, I also had major frizz issues with my hair and therefore could not hint that I would be really interested in starring in the Downton Abbey xmas special (jokezzzz, I can barely even bring myself to indulge in polite small talk with him, I’m shockingly bad around any celebs I happen to come across).  I haven’t actually met any proper celebrities, quite a few z-listers though, for example Preston from Celeb Big Brother (I can’t remember his band’s name…), Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen and Lesley Grantham (Dirty Den in Eastenders who had that whole webcam scandal, I met him after seeing him in a play and he was actually quite funny and nice).  Look at me rambling on about questionable celebrities, better stop quick because I could go on for ages sadly..! xx
SimplySarah x


  1. I love Oh La La :) I've never met anyone even remotely famous :(

  2. Both of those lipsticks look really pretty on you! Haha good luck with the training, I used to take Freddy to classes and he was SO well behaved there but once we'd leave he'd be straight back to his naughty self! I'm totally the same as well around celebs, not just celebs even a few bloggers I've seen in real life haha sooo pathetic xxx

  3. I love the lipstick colors! Great blog, found you on blog hop! New follower:)

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  5. Love these leggings! Very fetching! And don't worry my 15 year old goth is still within me, dominating me and begging for release! And you really can't go wrong with Topshop lipsticks. Such lovely shadessssss.

    Gemma x

  6. Hey, I'm a new follower from the BLT blog hop! You're so pretty, Sarah! I love your blue eyes <3

    Follow back?


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