Tuesday, 16 October 2012

OOTD | First Outdoor Shoot! + 10 Day Challenge | 5 Foods

 Coat: H&M
Boots: UGG
Hey everyone :) This is my first outdoor outfit post!  Don’t think it will be a regular thing because I need a photographer with me to do it, but I enjoyed this one off anyway!  I have hardly any money right now, yet I find myself in possession of this new faux fur coat from H&M, but for £39.99 I couldn’t not get it, could I?  I have made it clear on here before where I stand with faux fur coats – I LOVE them!  I always feel good in them and as someone who feels cold most of the year, I feel that I definitely get my money’s worth from wearing them so so much.  You do get some looks occasionally, but if I worried what other people thought of me then I wouldn’t own half of the clothes I do! 
I know that UGGs divide a lot of bloggers, some love them and others hate them… well obviously I’m a lover of them because I have them on here!  I just love how warm they are, my feet have honestly never been so comfy and by getting a short black pair I can wear them with pretty much anything.  The downside is that they are flat and I have to put up with walking around at my actual height which is 5’0”!
5 Foods
1.  Damn, it’s very hard to only pick 5!  Ok well one is Cheesecake, my love for it is similar to Rachel and Chandler’s from Friends!

2. Pizza.  My favourite takeaway possibly, I’m not vegetarian but I often order the veggie option of pizza for some reason.

3. Pasta.  I have perfected my own homemade tomato pasta sauce too, which involves a lot of baby plum tomatoes and I could live of this for the rest of my life.  Not to say that I’m an amazing cook or anything, my talent really doesn’t stretch far beyond pasta. 

4. Roast, who doesn’t love a good sunday roast? Or xmas dinner, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmmm :)

5. Chicken Tikka, I’ve had so many of these that I’m surprised that I haven’t died a Tikka related death.

Have a great day :)
SimplySarah x


  1. You look great! :)


  2. you're gorgeous! New follower from the blog hop!


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