Wednesday, 26 September 2012

OOTD + 10 Day Challenge | 7 Wants

 Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Leggings: Market
Hey everyone : ) I’ve finally done another outfit post!  I feel like I got a bit side tracked by the whole 10 Day Challenge Thing ( which I’ve still done below), but today I set up my make-shift tripod (I never did find my actual tripod!) and took some photos.  The lighting is poooooor today because of the not so lovely weather we’re having right now, so I did my best with them and this is how they turned out!  Apart from the leggings, everything else in this post is fairly old and not in the shops any more, but I’m sure similar things are lurking on Ebay!  The leggings are new and were £4 from the market, I had to get them because they are near perfect dupes for the ones that are in Topshop!  I couldn’t believe it when I saw them, and I love anything with crosses or other religious iconography.  The outfit itself if a bit of a mismatch of different patterns and colours, but I just threw these on today and thought that it could of looked worse! 
7 Wants
1. I would love my own Photography Studio!  Whether it be an actual studio somewhere or a part of my house converted especially, I would just love a big space to buy a whole load of equipment and lighting so it’s always set up and perfect for shoots!  
2. I obviously want everyone like my friends and family to be happy and healthy, goes without saying really!
3. I would not say no to a nice big spending spree in Topshop : )
4. Another obvious one, world peace.  
5. I really want better self control when it comes to food.  As I type this I am trying to hurry up because I am desperate to go and look in the fridge, help!
6. I hope to have good health, as a hypochondriac this is something I think about a LOT, annoyingly.
7. Rumour has it there is a rather large sum of money to be won on this Friday’s lottery…interesting, no? : )
Have a great day! xx


  1. Ahh I wanna win the lottery too! Forget Topshop, I'd be off on a Selfridges spree!
    Love your top, it's so lovely. I think H&M do leopard print really well xxx

  2. amazing look!
    Good luck with your projects, hope you´ll find soon your own photo studio!


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