Friday, 7 September 2012

Back From Staycation & a Blog Award

Heyyy everyone : ) Feels like ages since I last blogged!  Well it is really, nearly three weeks I think.  I got back from my two ‘Staycations’ last Friday, and since then it has been a blur of my laptop dying, ordering a new one, waiting impatiently for it to come (it has now and it’s a cute purple one by HP with loads more gb than my last which = playing The Sims without it being slow ; ) ), going back to work, bearing witness to lots of little dramas at work, catching up with people and finally catching up with everyone’s blogs!  
We were very lucky with the weather on both holidays, which is always a worry when staying in the UK!  The first holiday was a family one that me and my boyfriend joined in with, which was greaaaat and filled with ice cream, sunburn and fish and chips.  The second was a few days in Brighton with just my boyfriend, which was also fab and filled with all kinds of junk food, bad photos and acting very tourist-y!  I went a little mad and spent most of my money in the shops in Brighton, and I spent more on make up than clothes but there is a specific (and idiotic) reason for this which I shall I explain in a future post where I review some of the stuff.  
I hope everyone has had a good few weeks whatever you have done, and just because I’m an excitable photopgrapher nerd-type, here are a few random photos from the last couple of weeks: 

 Also, while I was away Josie from Josie Loves Shoes gave me a Liebster Blog Award : ) which was lovely of her!  Go check out her blog, it is honestly one of the most interesting and honest blogs out there and no matter what Josie posts about, she always makes me laugh!  These are the questions she asked:
Give me a shoe memory! Favourite pair, first pair, the pair that got away...  okkk, well when I was a tweenager I thought I was a little goth ( I’m still extremely fond of Marilyn Manson, but in my defence he is a good artist and very misunderstood : D) , and I bought my first pair of proper boots, and they had chains on them and crosses and stuff hanging off of them!  At the time I thought they were amazing but looking back I just criiiiinge.  Oh, and they were from TAMMY!
Cringest moment of your life? There have been so so many of these moments in my life that I think that’s why I don’t really get embarrassed any more….I’m just used to it!  One that popped into my head straight away was when I was around 15 and me and my friends used to go to this kind of ‘youth centre’/ skate park, and you were supposed to stay away from the skate ramps unless you were actually using them properly to skate.  I wasn’t.  I was foolish and also encouraged by Faye, and I went running on to the ramp, spotted someone I knew on it, tried to run up it to see them and rolled right back down again and fell on my face, which was what I deserved really!
What's your favourite book? Harry Potter (Sorry Josie!).  I feel very lucky that I grew up with these books, and got to get all excited every time a new one came out, and rushed out to buy them on the first day!  Out of the seven books, my favourites would probably be the last four, just because these days it’s harder to read about Harry when he’s in his younger days!
Favourite Disney character and why? Snow White, I used to feel better about being pasty because of her!  And then in year 7 I played her in a drama thingy so that sealed the deal. 
What's your favourite place to shop?  Topshop…….the popular answer I think!
Favourite blog right now?  well I do love Josie’s blog, and I’m not just saying that either!  But I also love Paperbacks and Postcards, this lovely lady’s blog introduced me to the wonders of Windows Live Writer!  But I love to read her blog anyway, it’s always interesting and has lovely photos. 
Would you rather snog, marry or avoid an old Jack Nicholson, a chubby Seth Rogan and Jedward ?  AVOID Jedward!  And I would have to snog a chubby Seth Rogan in order to marry Jack Nicholson because I love his films and I would get to question him about them forever!!
Who's your favourite fashion designer?  I’m not massively into designers really, but I would pick Vivienne Westwood because her stuff is always crazy but in a good way, and she designed some of the clothes for the Sex Pistols, who I love!
Do you have any pets?  3 rats!  They will never be a popular pet and I’ll never win many people round on this but they are nothing like wild rats, they’re completely different colours and sizes, they’re very clever and they are very soft and cuddly!  Mine are baby girls and I really do treat them like babies : ) .  My boyfriend and I are also currently looking very hard for a Pug!  We love dogs but pugs are our agreed favourite and we are hoping to get one in the next few months! 
What's your favourite film?  This is very very difficult!  There are sooo many… I love horror films like Paranormal Activity and The Devil’s Rejects, and then I love complete opposites like Grease and Titanic! 
Who's your favourite model?  Hmmm another tough one as I’m not big on models and stuff, but I would go foooorrrr Lily Cole probably as I think she is very naturally pretty, and also has nice hair!   
The blogs I nominate are:

you guys probably already have a load of blog awards, so this is really just a shout out and to say that I love to read your blogs, and that everyone else should check them out too : )  xx  



  1. Looks like a great trip :) Thanks for the nomination :) x

  2. Yaaay you're back! Glad you had a lovely time, the weather looks like it was really good. And oh my god, Sims going slow is up there in my top ten of annoying things. Loved reading your answers, the Tammy shoes made me laugh can't believe we all used to walk about in their horrendous clothes xxx


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