Tuesday, 11 September 2012

MUA Undressed Palette Review

MUA Undressed Palette Review
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Hey everyone!  I bought this MUA Undressed Palette while I was in Brighton.  I’m not a huuuuge eyeshadow person, because I usually prefer to use liquid eyeliner on my eyelid and do the whole flick thing, and so I don’t spend much money on shadows.  This particular palette stood out to me because it was only £4 from Superdrug, and the colours look very similar to the ones in the infamous Urban Decay Naked palette.  I was very doubtful as to what the quality of these shadows would be because they were so cheap, and you usually get what you pay for with make up.  But after doing some swatches on my arm you can see the pigmentation is actually pretty good!  The shades are all neutral and ideal for daytime looks or smoky eyes.  They are perfect for me, as I won’t be using this religiously every day or anything but the colours are good enough to use for nights out or for when I just fancy something different to eyeliner!   Having owned a Naked palette briefly before (I soon realised I wasn’t using it enough to get my money’s worth and sold it on Ebay!), these shadows are not actually very far behind it in terms of pigment and overall quality.  There is a good variety of shades that can be used to create all kinds of different looks, and I would say that the main negative about it is that the lighter matte colours do need a couple more layers than the others in order to be noticeable.  I would recommend it though if you want some good shades but are on a budget.  Have a great day! xx



  1. I love to find a good cheap palette that actually works good, it's definitely rare. From the palette picture it looks like they would all be way too shimmery for me but they don't look all that shimmery in the swatches.


  2. Hi! I am your newest follower and i love the eye shadow colors:) I would love a follow back at http://lefthandedideas.com

  3. I have this palette, it's sooo good for the price! True about the lighter shades though xxx


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