Wednesday, 1 August 2012

NOTD | Suspicious Minds

Hey everyone!  Just a Nails Of The Day Post today, because my tripod has VANISHED.  That's right, a big black thing with three legs has just disappeared completely from my house.  The first thing I thought of was that a particularly strong ghost had moved it (at the time I had just finished watching Paranormal Activity 3 so rational thinking wasn't happening), but now I'm beginning to think that someone in here has broken it and hidden it instead of owning up!  Sounds like quite a lame 'whodunnit' scenario, but while I try to get to the bottom of this I have decided to show you my current nail colour.  I have pretty much no money until pay day, but I can't go out without buying SOMETHING so I went into Superdrug and picked up this small nail varnish in 'Button Moon' for around £2 from Collection, and then got this glittery stuff on the market for £1.  The result is shown above, and to be honest I think I got what I paid for here.  The Collection colour is a pale minty blue/green shade (I really need to get over this colour) and it's not the most pigmented colour, how it looked on my nails was after I put on two coats of it.  It's pretty nice, but I've had better and I think it's alright for the money but I'd rather pay 99p more or something and get a Barry M colour which doesn't stay on particularly long but they are super pigmented.  The glitter is fine, it is what it is and I think that it was definitely worth the £1!  



  1. I share your pain cheap glittery nail varnish is so frustrating! On the bright side I like how the glitter is in strands, it almost looks like those... I think they're called Nail Caviar? Those little things your put on your nails that look like hundreds and thousands...

  2. hey your blog is so beautiful just like you :)
    blogwalking here, mind to follow each others? let me know.


  3. looks pretty Sarah..:)

    i loved it .:)

  4. Aw no! Hope you find the culprit, they owe you a new one! That's a shame the nail polish is a bit crappy because it's a lovely colour! The glitter is super pretty though, I like how it's strands instead of little dots. xxx

  5. These look so cute, they remind me of the topping on cupcakes <3 I love your blog I'm now following, I found you through Bloglove Therapy blog hop :)


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