Friday, 27 July 2012

Beauty Post Friday | 4 | Mabelline eyeliner & MUA bronzer

Hey everyone :)! Oh my, I go AWOL from the blog for a week and upon my return I see that I now have 101 followers!  Cannot believe that this amount of people have at some point read my ramblings!  Thank you very very much, I love doing my blog and I love reading other people's and finding new ones, so long may this go on!  ANYWAY, back to business :) and today I thought I would post about the last two products I bought.  First is Mabelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner.  I wear liquid liner nearly every day because I like a dramatic-ish look and I love doing the flicks at the end that remind me of the 1960s!  The tip on this liner is really thin, which is good for getting a really small detailed line as close to your eyelashes as possible, and it's much easier to build up if you want rather than a big tip that gives a much thicker line than you want.  The colour is really jet black too, there is nothing worse than a liner that is a faint shade of black or that fades after only a couple of uses, so I was really pleased with this.  It is also really easy to use, because you use it like you would a pen, and this makes it much easier to create a line without it being shaky or wobbly!  I would definitely repurchase this, and at around £5.99 I think it is a really good product for your money.  

The other product I bought was a bronzer by MUA, which was £1!  I didn't reaaaaally expect that much from this because it was so cheap, and as I'm so pale I was certain that this would be too dark and fake-looking for my skin tone.  But.....I was wrong!  This bronzer is really blendable and even though it looks fairly sparkly in the container, is comes out pretty matte so doesn't leave you with a glittery face that tells everyone that you're not really tanned!  It is actually quite a subtle colour too, so it may actually be that it is better for (ultra) fair skin like mine, and a darker shade would be needed for darker skin tones.  I am really impressed with this considering it was only £1, I would consider re-purchasing as it is a great budget item that does its job! 



  1. The bronzer is really nice! I found you through the Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop by the way, new folllower :) xx

  2. I really want to try the Maybelline liner! I've heard lots of things about it! :) I found you through the blog hop as well! :)


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