Friday, 20 July 2012

Beauty Post Friday | 3 | Body Lotion & Dry Shampoo

Hey everyone :)  beauty post time again!  I'm getting used to this whole blog routine type thing of posting certain things on certain days!  I maaayyy think of a couple of other things to do like this?  Anyway, the first product I've got is Garnier Intensive 7 Days Ultra Softening Lotion.  I got this while it was on offer in Boots a short time ago and I can't remember how much I paid for it but I know it wasn't much at all.  There are quite a few different variations of this product that are for all kinds of skin types, I got the Shea Butter one for dry to extra dry skin because I have really annoying skin that has outbreaks of eczema now and again and stays dry no matter what moisturiser I use.  Before I bought this I had used Palmer's Cocoa Butter for ages, but I was getting a bit sick of the smell of it, and I had also used Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop which was great but too expensive to keep repurchasing.  Soo I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and I am REALLY impressed!  It absorbs really fast so I don't have to hang around awkwardly waiting for it, the smell is nice and not too strong or perfumy and it is mega mega moisturising!  My skin has never felt so soft and even when I skip a day because I rush out of the shower and have no time to moisturise, it doesn't matter because my skin is still uber soft from the day before!  It sounds like I'm on an advert for it or something but I'm just so impressed with it, especially as it was really cheap!  I would definitely repurchase it and I'd recommend it to anyone with dry skin.  

This was a random buy, I saw it in Sainsburys with 75% off or something silly, it may have been going discontinued or something so if it's not there anymore then sorry!  I'm sure it would be in Superdrug etc.  Anyway, it's a dry shampoo by TreSemme that's in foam rather  than the usual spray or powder, you put it on wherever you need it, and I either massage it in and give it a few mins to dry before continuing to style it, or I blast it quickly with the hair dryer.  I have found that this is really good and it refreshes my hair, leaving it looking fresh and smelling really nice.  At the moment I would say that I prefer it to Batiste  which I usually use because Batiste leaves my hair very matte, which is ok sometimes, but I love how the TreSemme one leaves it glossy and nicely shiny!  xx

(this is a scheduled post so knowing me I've done it wrong and it will post at any time apart from Friday!) 



  1. I love The Body Shop's body butters but I agree they are far too expensive to use all the time x

  2. Ooh, that lotion looks awesome! I haven't seen it here, I'm going to have to find out if I can get my hands on it!

  3. I love that Garnier moisturiser! But I accidentally bought the peach one this time and it smells disgusting :/
    That foam looks really interesting, I've never heard of it before! And this was posted on Friday, so it worked haha! xxx

  4. That lotion sounds amazing, definitely something I need to try! :) x

  5. I love that Garnier stuff!! I always have a bottle or two hanging around. Like you said it is very moisturising! And it smells lovely! Good choice!
    I found you through the blog hop :)


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