Friday, 3 August 2012

Beauty Post Friday | 5 | Revlon Photoready Foundation

Heyy everyone!  I know this product has already been reviewed by others SO much, but me being me, I've only just got round to trying it as I wanted something lighter than Double Wear for summer, but with good coverage.  I've seen some really mixed reviews about this foundation, with lots of people saying that it goes on easily but it is too glittery for every day wear.  The going on easily bit is definitely true, and it blends really well.  I got this in 'shell' which is the lightest they do as far as I know, and it is pretty pale!  Not too pale for my skin, but then nothing is, but as it is supposed to be summer I have been putting a little more bronzer on when wearing this!  There is glitter in it, which shows up depending what kind of light you are in.  It is noticeable, but I don't find that it's a bad thing, it's not like proper big blobs of glitter on your face but they're tiny and give you a shimmer.  My skin is combination, and I did worry about this foundation making my skin too shiny, but I find that it is fine, I just add some powder on my t-zone which I do no matter what foundation I am wearing.  I would re-purchase this product, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you like a shimmery, dewy look - definitely not a product for fans of a matte finish!  Have a great weekend! 



  1. I liked this foundation at first beucase it gives a beautiful finish... unfortunately, it tends to oxidase on me :( x

  2. This sounds lovely! And even better that it's the right shade for us pale people haha xxx


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