Monday, 13 February 2012

OOTD, new things and shiny rings

Shirt:Gift, River Island
Headband:River Island

(excuse me while I experiment with a different font :) ).  The shirt I'm wearing was a birthday present from my boyfriend a while back, luckily the time he spent working in Topman before uni done him good as he always gets me really nice clothes, apart from when he got me a cardi that was 4 sizes too big and he only realised when I tried it on (it was fine though, I told him over-sized cardis were very on trend and he was then pleased with himself).  The skirt was something like £3.99 from H&M and I wear it usually over black leggings as I don't really like wearing leggings on their own unless they're patterned or something.  The headband has automatically become a favourite of mine because of my love for leopard print, and it has some bendy wire inside it so it's easy to tie and keep in place.  Also today two new rings came in the post which I'd ordered from Jimmy and his Girl @ ASOS:

The first is this cute mouse ring, as soon as I saw it I thought it was adorable and also very me, considering I have three baby girl ratties :) (awww not ewww!).  It's adjustable too which is good because hardly any rings fit me.  

This is the other ring, it's adjustable like the other too.  I like this one because of the celtic-ish style and it reminded me of the rings I used to wear when I was younger and leaned towards the gothicky end of style!  

I also ordered some Maxfactor mascaras from, because I found out from here that they were on a 3 for 2 offer, and also you get 500 advantage card points with each one!  I chose three of the False Lash Effect mascaras, one will be given to my mum who I have converted to it!  I have been using Masterpiece Max, but it just doesn't quite live up to False Lash Effect.  I ordered at the weekend so not sure how long the offer lasts, but with 1500 points in total it = £15.00, so I'm already thinking of what to buy with that!  I'm considering the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, because I've seen a lot of great reviews of it but it is pretty expensive, so £15 off would be good.  I'm also wondering about a new foundation, I've been using Estee Lauder and although I love it's full coverage, I've noticed that I need to keep re-doing it throughout the day around my t-zone, which in the past I've not had to do with other full coverage foundations.  SO if anyone can recommend another full coverage foundation that would be great!  If not, then I reckon I will be going back to what I used before - Mabelline Dream Satin Liquid.  Hope everyone is having a good Monday! (If that's possible :\ ) xx


  1. Aw. Those rings are so cute!x

  2. I love your rings they're so adorable! xx

  3. Loving the rings!

  4. Love the jewelry!!


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