Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dosed by You: Valentine's post

Happy Valentine's everyone!  I hope you are all having a great day no matter what you are doing.  The boyf & I will be celebrating a late valentine's at the weekend.  This is my first collage type of post so it's not the best or anything, I just thought I would try it out!  The first thing on there are the cute little bath mushrooms from Lush.  I have been using them for a while now, they smell gorgeous, they turn your bath pink and you can use them more than once!  The little candles are from Paperchase, and they are just there because they look adorable and they're sparkly!  All of other things are on my wishlist of things I wan't but can't buy because payday isn't here yet!  The skirt is from Topshop and is a fishtail style that I keep seeing a lot of lately.  I really lover the colour and style, but not sure if it would suit me because I'm 5ft and longer skirts generally swamp me :(.  The tights are from Forever21, and are a great colour for spring when you want to look more summery but it's too cold to go bare-legged!  The lipstick is from MAC, I rarely buy their make up because it's pretty expensive, but this colour is lovely and vibrant and definitely something I am likely to buy sooner or later knowing how easily I give in.  The necklace is from River Island and stood out because it reminded me of the blue one that is in Titanic ( I feel emotional just thinking of that film, sob......but cannot wait for it to be re-released in 3D soon). The top is also River Island, the horse print looks cute and girly, not something I would normally go for but as it's Valentine's day and everything is 100x more adorable to me today, I thought I would add it in to the collage.  The heart-shaped glasses are from gogglesandglasses.com and they reminded me of the Marilyn Manson song of the same name that I love, and they kinda tie in well with the candy trends and the romantic theme!  The shoes are from New Look and are uh-mazing.  I doubt I would be able to walk more than a few steps in them but when they look this good I don't care!  The belt is from ASOS and being super skinny and bright pink it would be wearable with a lot of different outfits and would add some colour.  So now I've kinda gone into pink overkill I shall go, but it's only for one day of the year! xx


  1. I want the mushroom... I hope I can still find it in store!!! xx

  2. nice ^^

    follow me and i follow you))


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