Saturday, 11 February 2012

OOTD: Paradise City

Coat:New Look

Technically, I suppose this isn't really an ootd because I didn't actually wear it, because 1) I don't dress like this for daytime! 2) It. Is. Freezing and 3) I was at work today and this is most definitely not the uniform!  I chose it because I was clearing out my wardrobe and found this dress still with the labels in, I bought it from H&M two or three years ago on holiday and completely forgot about it!  So I tried it with this coat which I wear all the time and  thought that it would be quite a good outfit for a night out.  The dress is velvet and feels very expensive, even though it wasn't and it also has a kind of vintage feel to it.  The coat is my special-favourite!  I wear it so much, day and night because I love leopard print and it is a good fit and very warm which is a bonus!  I like to think that it gives me an old-school hollywood look, rather than a 'Pat' from Eastenders look, but I'm probably incredibly delusional and a very wishful thinker!  Hope you are having a great weekend xx



  1. absuloutly love that fur coat xo

  2. I love finding things I've forgotten about...feels like I've bought something new! Love your coat, it's not Pat Butcher-like at all, it's gorge! xx

    1. haha thanks! I love it so much I would wear it even if I looked worse than Pat probably ! xx

  3. such a pretty dress, gorgeous colour x

  4. Experiencing a bit of coat envy, my friend! Love the outfit and your blog. New follower and glad I found your creative space on the web:D


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