Wednesday, 24 February 2016


The longer my hair gets, the more effort it takes if I want to style it.  I'm happy that it's finally started growing again after what feels like a lifetime of waiting, but I have to admit that I miss having short layers which made creating texture a dream!  I'm now always on the lookout for new styling products to try and give my hair a bit of extra oomph or those pesky beachy waves that everyone else seems to do better than me!

At the moment I'm using two texturising products, both at opposite ends of the price scale but both of which I quite like.  
First there is Fudge Urban Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Texture Spray, £6.99, which can be found in Boots and Superdrug.  I picked this up because I have a couple of other products by Fudge and they smell a m a z i n g!  It's so lovely to use hair sprays that smell of something pleasant rather than that cheap, chemical smell that often comes with cheaper brands, and this texture spray is no different.  It smells just like it says on the can, so it gets top marks for that.  It claims to be a 'back comb in a can', which I also agree with.  I spray this in my hair, rough it up a bit and it makes it 100% easier to style.  The spray gives it a rough, mattified feel that has at least 30% more volume and it stays in place for hours (as long as there's no gale force wind outside!).  I think this is a bargain styling product that really gives the higher end versions a run for their money, I use it daily when I want to style my hair and it gives it that lived in, effortless look.  

Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish Spray, £22, claims to give a lived in look with 'separation and sheen' - basically a toned down texturiser.  I use this usually if I've straightened/waved my hair and want to add some natural looking movement to it.  The result is not as dramatic as the Fudge spray, but it isn't there to do the same job.  It's a lot more expensive too, however I've had this can since summer last year, and I've still got around half left - so I think I can say that I'm getting my money's worth out of it!  If I'm going to be out a lot when wearing this in my hair, I do find that I need some hairspray to help it out and keep it in place, so this is where the Fudge spray has the advantage.

I really like both of these sprays, however I think that the Fudge Texture Spray has the edge on the Bumble and Bumble one, because it is such a bargain and it has brilliant hold.  The smell is also gorgeous, I'd go as far as to say you should invest in it for this reason alone!

Do you have either of these sprays?  Which is your favourite?xx 



  1. I need a new texturising spray, I have one but I feel like it doesn't really do much.. I think I might pick up the fudge one! Fab review x

  2. I've never been able to commit to spending money on a Bumble & Bumble product but I'd like to some day - the Fudge spray sounds brilliant though!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I am a big bumble and bumble fan but I really need to smell the fudge spray as I have meant to for a while xxx

  4. I have been looking for suggestions for texturising sprays for a while since layering my relatively short hair, I haven't wanted to commit to something so high end and expensive so the Fudge one sounds right up my street!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x


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