Wednesday, 3 February 2016


I can't be the only one who sometimes gets tempted to buy make up because of the packaging, right?  I admit that more than once I've come home with a new palette or some new brushes for no other reason than..I liked the look of them.  That's pretty bad isn't it?! 
Since I've put myself on a spending ban, I've been going through my make up collection and noticed how much of it happens to have rose gold packaging; it looks amazing, but actually some of it has just been sitting there looking pretty rather than been in my day to day rotation of products.. whoops.  
Some of the bits I came across were the Stila Eyes Are The Window palette and the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol 2 Brushes.  I've only used two of the brushes - that is ridiculous!  I've been too precious about using the rest, which is such a waste, so I've now put them all into my daily make up bag and removed my older brushes - there's no point in paying over £50 for them if I'm not going to use them, I have to say I felt pretty annoyed at myself for letting this happen!  As for the palette, this is I think a good example of buying something that I didn't really need; I saw it on a few blogs, saw the lovely rose gold case and that was that - I bought it.  I can't say that this is one of my most used palettes, because it isn't, and I kinda wish that I'd held back on buying this one and got the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette instead!  
One thing that I can safely say gets used every day is the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette, which both looks good and works wonders.  I use both the contour and highlight shades daily, and it's one of the best products I've ever bought.  The same goes for the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks; I own four at the moment and use every one of them regularly - the formula and finish is unbeatable and it just so happens that their gold packaging is absolutely stunning too!  
The same goes for the Barry M Daylight Curing nail polishes - I love the formula of these and the range of colours is excellent, so it's a happy coincidence that they have gorgeous rose gold lids too! 

Please tell me I'm not the only person to sometimes be shallow and go for looks alone when it comes to make up?! What is your favourite brand for packaging? xx


  1. Rose gold is so goregous! The stilla palette looks so pretty, I need it! Haha.

  2. Those rose gold ZOEVA brushes look fab! I want to get some of them sooo much!
    - Liv Xx

  3. You are absolutely not alone! Didn't need anymore makeup brushes, but I got the Zoeva ones because they were so pretty (they're also great, but you know...rose gold)! I really love YSL lipstick packaging and of course Charlotte Tilbury, but the Stila palette you have looks stunning!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

  4. Rose gold is sure way to get me to buy something! I want CT contour kit just for the packaging xx

  5. I really love rose gold too ♥ I want to try Zoeva brushes :) also the CT contour kit is amazing but so expensive :(

  6. I am really loving rose gold and copper at the moment! I have a rose gold gel polish on my nails at the moment, it is just so pretty!

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | Blog SEO Tips

  7. i am such a sucker for packaging! anything that will photograph well i want to buy xx

  8. Who wouldn't like to buy anything because of Rose Gold. It's a beautiful obsession and color I have as well for some items. Packaging is as every bit important as it is in the quality of the product.

  9. I'm such a sucker for beautiful packaging, especially when it's rose gold! I definitely think that Charlotte Tilbury makeup and the Zoeva rose gold brushes are stunning as well as amazing products :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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