Saturday, 9 January 2016


These days, I find it hard to really wind down and relax after a long day.  Like most others, I work full time and come home most evenings with a list of things still to do - it's often quite late in the evening when I finally sit down, get comfortable and...fall asleep - not ideal! 

So, I've been making an effort to set aside some more time to really relax and forget about whatever is stressing me out or simply to just unwind.  I just thought that I'd share my favourite things to do to chill out; there's no rocket science here and chances are you already do one or more of these things!

I recently discovered the Johanna Bamford colouring books, and they are seriously addictive!  The books are beautifully illustrated and there's a variety of both simple and more complex pages to colour in,  and it is the most relaxing thing I've ever found to do!  Because you are naturally concentrating on colouring, staying in the lines etc it really makes you forget whatever is on your mind, and the gentle repetition of colouring is really soothing.  If there's one thing from this post that I recommend you to try, then it is this!  
One of my favourite things to do when I have some time to myself is to stick on a face mask and have a lovely long bath.  I usually choose an Origins mask, they suit my sensitive skin really well and the Out Of Trouble mask in particular leaves my skin feeling really clear and soft.  
I love to read, and I'm annoyed at myself for not reading more last year.  I've downloaded a bunch of new books onto my Kindle, so there's no excuse now!  I love to read when I go to bed, when I'm in the bath, or even when I've just got some free time and am sitting around doing nothing in particular.  
The same goes for Netflix, I love to curl up and watch my favourite series'  - the perfect way to forget your problems and get sucked into another world! 
I also love to go for long walks with my dog - whatever the weather is like it is always so relaxing to walk around the fields and watch my dog go mad (and probably roll in poo or something).  
Of course, one of the main things I love to do to relax and unwind is...write my blog!  I love writing and taking photos, and equally love sitting down and having a good read through all of my favourite blogs!

What are your favourite ways to chill out? cc



  1. I got one of those books for Christmas and they are the best thing ever for relaxing! X

  2. I really need to try colouring! I've recently got really into audiobooks and that's my new favourite way to chill. After looking at the computer all day I found picking up a physical book was the last thing i wanted to do, but with an audiobook I can just lay back and listen!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

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  4. Netflix is probably the easiest way for me to relax, and I don't think you can beat something like a Lush bath!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  5. I've been loving colouring in books recently! I've been setting aside time each day to just sit and colour!

    Charlotte xx - Charlotte Sophia Roberts

  6. I've been loving the Mindfulness colouring books recently, they stay on my bedside table, but I must try this one as it looks so beautiful!! I love a good book or dog walk as well to help relax or clear my head! Tavi xx

  7. The colouring book reminds me that i have the one in Enchanted forest tucked away that i have just not round to using yet...I can't wait now! x

  8. I find those colouring books to be so relaxing - I have the animal kingdom one and its lovely!

    Lucy |


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