Saturday, 23 May 2015


I get really fed up with my hair sometimes; it is quite long and having layers in it means that many styles I attempt, for example a braid, end up falling out and generally looking a right mess!  Therefore, lately my go-to style which is low maintenance and easy to do on an early morning is loose waves, which I do with my GHDs.  

I always start by brushing my hair through, and of course spritzing it with plenty of heat protection spray.  I then take small to medium sections of my hair and run the GHDs through it from top to bottom, while gently folding them over and then under, so the hair gets soft kinks going down it.  I do this all through, and then mess it all up by running my hands through it and giving it a good shake!  I set it all with some texture spray: at the moment I'm loving the Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish spray, which gives it a lived in look with some extra body.  

What do you think of this look?  Let me know what styles you've been going for lately! xx 



  1. Going to give this a go later on! Bet mine doesn't look half as nice as that though x

  2. You look so pretty! I love wavy hair, especially for Spring/Summer x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. what is on your lips? its amazing. Thanks for sending me your link via twitter. I'm at if you fancy a follow :)xx


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