Thursday, 6 November 2014


If there's one thing that I always rely on to help style my hair, it's dry shampoo.  My hair is naturally quite greasy unfortunately and washing it every day only does more harm, so I use dry shampoo to both prolong the time between washes and to add volume.  I've tried quite a few different ones before, and among my favourites was always Batiste Tropical - the smell was much better than the regular scent!  

However, I recently came across Fudge Urban Dry Shampoo in Boots and when I saw that the smell was 'Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla' I threw it straight into my basket!  It was probably the wrong thing to do since it should be bought for its purpose and not solely because it smells good, but I had run out of my trusty Batiste and thought why not give it a go!  

Luckily, it serves its purpose very well and I am really impressed with the volume and general oomph it gives my hair.  I spray it into my roots and some mid lengths, and then run my fingers through it before styling how I want.  My hair is quite long so it falls flat fairly quickly usually no matter what products I use, but this product acted as a good texturiser and helped it maintain a good amount of volume for a few hours, which to me is impressive.  As you can see in the above photo, there is a fair amount of body there and all I needed was a little hairspray to hold it all in place and it then stayed this way.  I would even go as far as to say that I am converted - Batiste is good but the bonus with this Fudge Urban Dry Shampoo is that it actually mattifies my hair more effectively; it looks greasy after day one and nothing usually truly hides this, but since using this product I have been getting an extra day where my hair looks as fresh as it did on the first day.  I don't know how it manages this but it does!  

Obviously I have to give the smell another mention: It is hard to describe a scent in writing, but it does have a fruity, vanilla whiff that is sweet yet not over powering.  I love it so much, and there is none of the powdery smell that sometimes you get with dry shampoos.  

In my opinion this is a winner and I can honestly say that I would repurchase this again.  It does the job really well and it smells great too - perfect! 

Have you tried this dry shampoo?  What do you think of it? xx



  1. This sounds amazing, I am getting through different dry shampoo brands like crazy so will definitely have to give this a whirl xxx


  2. I love a good dry shampoo! Of course I'll always love Batiste, but I'm so intrigued by this one too :) xx


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