Wednesday, 19 November 2014


It's been a while since I posted an OOTD on here, so I thought what better outfit to share than my new Topshop Teddy Fur coat?!  I have owned it for around a month now and have been looking forward to the colder days when it's actually more acceptable to put it on!  I fell in love with it at Topshop, where I snapped it up for £55 - £30 less than it's original price.  Obviously I took this hugely discounted price as a sign that it was meant to be, and I have been lovingly keeping it ready in my wardrobe for colder times.  

It is the most snug, warm coat I have ever owned!  The short, tufty fur (hence the name Teddy coat) is soft and slightly more wearable than your standard full on faux fur - nothing stops me from wearing my faux fur coats anyway, but this one is ideal for day wear and looks beautiful when dressed up over evening wear too.  I generally wear it over the top of a basic, dark outfit like I am in the photos, as this compliments the coat and allows it to stand out.  The high neck top and mini skirt are both from River Island within the last month.  

I cannot wait to wear this coat throughout winter!  Do you like it?  Have you found your perfect winter coat yet? xx



  1. Such a lovely coat. Looks very cute. Love your outfit.

  2. This coat is amazing! It looks so warm and snug. I bet it is so nice in this cold weather. You definitely snapped up a bargain! x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  3. I love this coat! The name of it is really cute too! X

  4. It's SO gorgeous, I have one in baby blue and regret not getting a white or black :( xxx


  5. This is so gorgeous and best part is that it looks like the comfiest coat ever! I have two coats from last year that I didn't wear all that much so sticking to them this year too x

    Beauty with charm

  6. Every time I go into Topshop I am eyeing up this coat... I love it! Looks unbelievably snuggly and warm. Not a bad price at all either :) x

    Hannah xo | hannatalks


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