Thursday, 27 November 2014


I'd better start off this post by writing a little disclaimer!  I'm quite obviously no expert at all this make up business, everything I've learnt/think I know, I've taught myself through either practise, trial and error or by watching more talented people through YouTube etc!  This is just me showing you how I contour my own face, it is most probably not the 'right' way, or the proper way, but it works for me and hopefully it could be helpful to you in some way too!

Ever since contouring was thrown into the limelight thanks to that Kim K technique, I've tried my best to get her enviable sculpted look, though perhaps by using less product than her - my skin erupts in spots at the mere thought of using two different coloured bases!  I've recently invested in the coveted Anastasia contour Kit, which is what I've used to get the look below, but in the past I've found that other products such as Benefit Hoola and Illamasqua Cream Pigment in 'Hollow' have worked perfectly well too.  

Above is a rather silly photo of me with some arrows all over my face.  As someone with a round face my cheekbones are pretty much non existent, so the contouring I do has to be relatively subtle as going too dark or bold would just look really fake and cakey.  I use the darkest shade of the contour kit (see photo below) first, and apply it where my cheekbones should be and up to my temples and along and just below my jaw.  Then I blend blend blend!  Blending is the most important part, especially on very fair skin like mine, so what I'm left with are lightly defined cheeks.  Taking it up to the  temples also helps create definition, and blending it around the jawline fakes a stronger shape and hides any unwanted extra chin!

I then use one of the other darker shades to blend where necessary; I use a little down each side of my nose, as it has a slimming effect, and a tiny amount just below my bottom lip.  

Then, I use the light shade in the top left of the palette to highlight areas such as down the middle of my nose, and the apples of my cheeks.  This counters the darker areas and is where you see the definition really start to stand out.  Lastly, I use the high light shade on the top right, and sweep it over the tops of my cheeks, on my cupid's bow, just under my brows, and a little on my chin.  It sounds like a lot of product to use but you really need very little of each shade, most of the work is done by blending!  

And that is all I do!  I admit it is a subtle version of contouring, but until I am more well practised this is all that I dare do on my face!  It is all about experimenting and seeing what looks right, everyone's face shape is different and different techniques will work for different people.  I kept it light as like I said before, my face is round and most of the contouring I do is based on guessing where my cheekbones should be.  Pulling a pouty face always helps of course!  

Please let me know if you found this in any way useful!  And also if you have any of your own contouring tips I would love to know them! xx



  1. This looks lovely, really natural. I wish I was a bit braver when it came to contouring, I'd go all out Kim K!

    Sammy xo.

  2. This make its really easy for me to follow now thank you, I struggle with other videos and tutorials xx



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