Friday, 4 July 2014


Can you believe it's July already?!  I feel like I'm saying this at the start of every month, but this year is absolutely flying by - scary!  Happy 4th July to any of you who celebrate it!  Today's outfit post is almost a bit pointless because my playsuit is a year old now and I can't remember the name of the shop where I got it from.  It was a small boutique type shop that I came across when on holiday last year, and I loved the colour and 50s style polka dots straight away.  Obviously the one set back of wearing a nice playsuit is that going to the toilet because one hell of a mission!  Other than that I love the bright pattern and it looks great when worn with some colourful accessories, which leads me nicely on to the necklace I'm wearing.  I got it from Ebay for £1.99!  The seller had a whole bunch of beautiful designs, I chose this one because of the variety of colours and I thought that it would go well when worn underneath a collar etc.  If you search statement necklace on Ebay, a whole load of bargains like this one come up, you are literally spoilt for choice - it makes so much more sense than paying £20 + for something similar on the high street, and the quality is fine too.  I had had this necklace around three months already and have worn it a LOT, and it's still good as new; not bad for £1.99! 

Have you found any Ebay bargains lately?  What do you think of playsuits - pretty or just pretty hard to get out of?! xx

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  1. The necklace is gorgeous. Happy 4th of July!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. I'd never have thought of checking out eBay for statement necklaces, what a good idea! Love the playsuit too, the colour is so gorgeous on you. You're so lucky, you can pull off bright colours like this! x

    Josie’s Journal


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